The Praise Report

Update: Winter 2000/2001

He is the Living God and He endures forever.....He rescues and He saves, He performs signs and wonders in the heavens and on the earth.
Dan. 6:26-27

European Ministry

We recently returned from a three month ministry trip to Europe where we ministered in five different countries including Sweden, Norway, Latvia, France and Spain. We started this trip by attending the Billy Graham "Amsterdam 2000" Conference.

"Amsterdam 2000" was held in Amsterdam, Holland, by invitation only, to encourage and equip evangelists.

It was a blessing to be invited and to also receive a special grant from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) to help with the expenses of attending. But even with their help and that of others, its expense was still way over our heads.

But God made it clear to us that we were to step out in faith and go, not only to the conference, but to minister in Europe afterward and that He would work things out as we went. So in faith-not having nearly the money we needed-we boarded a plane for Amsterdam, believing for a miracle.

Upon arrival we were taken directly to the registration where the moment of truth arrived all too soon. After standing in a long line (11,000 attended) we were at the counter where our payment was due; now! We were handed our bill which included our food, lodging (2 weeks in a hotel), local transportation, conference costs, registration, etc. Our bill totaled over $1,400.

We now had our bill which we couldn't afford and hundreds of people were waiting in line behind us as we stood there wondering what to do. I took the bill and told the registrar that we'd be back to deal with it shortly.

There are a lot of books on prayer. But stepping out on faith and then hanging out on that proverbial limb not knowing the next step will cause you to learn to pray real fast. We had no other options so we found a bench and did just that.


Taking the ferry out of Oslo Harbor, Norway. Its reputation as one of the most beautiful ports in the world was definitely lived up to.

After about 40 minutes in prayer we saw a man we knew from a mission trip to South America years back. I remembered he had begun working for the BGEA. I went to talk to him but just as I was about to catch up to him he disappeared into the crowd.

After that incident we were starting to get a little desperate and so we thought we would go and see about maybe changing our hotel arrangements to something cheaper (not very likely).

As we entered a new line to look into this, we realized the guy from South America was standing directly in front of us, talking with someone. Before we had a chance to say anything to him, he saw us and greeted us with a big hug. We talked for a while and then he began to ask us some questions regarding how things at the conference were working out for us, especially with the high cost of lodging for families. We explained our situation and he suggested that maybe he could look into working something out for us.

He took our bill and paperwork and told us he'd be back. Back on the prayer bench again we had another 40 minutes to call on God.

Finally he called us back into the offices. He handed us off to someone else and left. We didn't know what at all to expect. We sat down and were interviewed about our ministry briefly and then the man said: "Here is what you owe," pointing to our bill of over $1,400 and then after a short pause said: "Here's what we can do." He took a pen and crossed out our bill and wrote out a new figure saying, "How's this?" It was just $100 dollars! "Just pay that and everything else is covered." We were blown away! What an incredible miracle!! We had stepped out on faith, believing we had God's guidance but were really sweating it out 'til the very last minute.

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