The Ministry of Bryan and Mercedes Marleaux

Bryan and Mercedes have been doing mission work all over the world for over 15 years now; preaching, teaching, evangelizing and ministering in the power of the Holy Spirit with many signs, wonders and miracles taking place. They have ministered over the years primarily in the Baja Peninsula of Mexico as well as in such places as Sweden, Spain, England, Germany, Norway, France, Latvia, Romania, Kosovo, Japan, Argentina as well as in the Southwest and Western region of the United States.

The Lord has blessed them with a continual flow of the outpouring of the Spirit where many have been saved, filled, healed, empowered, and delivered through the power of God working through their ministry.

The demonstrated power of the Holy Spirit has been a mark of their ministry which includes a host of divine appointments and supernatural occurrences. Indeed the Baja ministry began just this way through a supernatural leading of the Holy Spirit after a vision Bryan received while ministering in Argentina. This story, as well as some other supernatural occurrences, have been published in Jane Rumph's book Stories From the Front Lines: Power Evangelism in Today's World, Baker Book House, (Ch. 2) and it has also been told on their radio program called "Grace Alone" (Sólo Por Gracia), a unique bilingual teaching series on the work of the Holy Spirit through Christian History. In addition, a new book has recently been published, also by Jane Rumph, titled Signs and Wonders in America Today. In this book, Chapter Two describes an account from Bryan and Mercedes' evangelistic ministry, and how the Lord worked supernaturally in the situation.

The Macedonian Call

Like Paul who received the Macedonian call while ministering in the area of Galatia (Acts 16), similarly Bryan received a vision while on a mission trip to Argentina. They had been ministering in Argentina and God had been doing many powerful things; empowering and healing people and even filling young children with the Holy spirit in a dramatic way, when during one service in particular Bryan began to have a vision of himself ministering in a dusty Third World country which he realized was Mexico.

After returning to the U.S. he desired to see this vision fulfilled yet the Lord showed him to wait on His timing. After a few months one particular morning, the Holy Spirit spoke into Bryan's heart and told him to take Mercedes (his wife) an Argentine/American who speaks fluent Spanish and English and drive to Mexico.

Driving south from their home in Orange County, with some clothes they brought along to give to the needy, they crossed the border finally, and began to pray up a storm having taken this step of faith at the Lord's guidance and not knowing what the next step was. Sensing the Holy Spirit's direction they drove for a while and then went off the main road and began to drive up along the local free road and headed into some hills behind Tijuana. At a certain point they felt led to turn off the main road onto a dirt road which they followed. After cresting a hill they came upon a church in an old converted market.

They went to talk to the people who were milling around outside the church waiting for the service to start and the first person they ended up talking with was the pastor who told them he was needing to prepare things for a guest speaker who was coming that day. Bryan, feeling that God's hand was involved, asked who the guest speaker was and found out that it was a friend of theirs from the U.S. named John Ruttkay. How had they managed to arrive at this obscure location on the very day and time when their friend was coming to preach?

A few minutes later John arrived with a blown-away look upon his face as he saw Bryan and Mercedes standing in front of the church he was about to preach at. He stated with exuberance that this was an incredible divine appointment because he only came to that church twice a year and that in the past they had drawn maps with directions to the church for people and they couldn't find it. Here Bryan and Mercedes had arrived by God's leading at the exact time at this obscure church where they had never been before nor knew nothing of John's coming on the very day he was to be preaching there. All by the leading of the Holy Spirit.

They went and joined the service and John had Bryan and Mercedes share a bit and brought them up to the front after he was done preaching and began to prophesy over them, that God was fulfilling a vision he had given them and was opening a ministry for them in Mexico. The Holy Spirit moved in great power as this took place.

Thus, the Baja ministry was launched as the pastor Jesse Gonzalez,seeing God's hand in what had happened, began to have them come and preach on a regular basis at the church, and called other churches setting up meetings for them to preach at. In time, things just snowballed from there.

The first service at the church that Jesse had them come to preach at was just incredible. The Spirit of God moved in an awesome way over both the pastor's and the co-pastor's families who were dramatically impacted as the Holy Spirit baptized them, including the young children, in His glory and power. The outpouring of the Spirit has been continual and many miracles, healings and salvations have followed in its wake.

A Divinely Appointed Evangelistic Crusade

A few month's later, while preaching at a three-day renewal and revival meeting in Maneadero in Baja Mexico where the Spirit of God was also poured out with many healings and miracles, including the healing of a man named Luis Vargas who was healed of a severe back condition, the Lord set up another incredible divine appointment. The pastor of the church asked them if they would mind preaching at an evangelistic crusade a little further down south from there as well. A group had arranged a crusade with music and all the frills but had no preacher. Bryan and Mercedes answered the call and an incredible thing took place. As they pulled into the area where the crusade was to be held Bryan couldn't believe his eyes. This was the very spot that he had visited approximately five years ago with a church to pass out food and clothes to the needy. Even though he had come with a Christian group they did no preaching or outreach. He felt that it was like fishing, but without hooks. Frustrated by the group's disinterest in preaching the Gospel and the language barrier, he prayed: "God I want to preach the Gospel to these people, send me back here someday to do it". Now five years later, with his wife as his very own interpreter at his side, he preached to the people of "Cañión Buena Vista" on the very exact spot where he had said that prayer roughly five years earlier. God's exactness in answering prayers can be mind blowing.

The ministry at the crusade was a great blessing with 14 people receiving Christ and many others being ministered to powerfully as well through the Holy Spirit's power including the healing and deliverance of a young man who had come to the open-air meeting drugged out and completely demonized. He came forward to receive Christ the first night and was prayed for by Bryan and Mercedes in power. He returned the next night dressed in decent clothing, his former dirty smelly clothes were gone, and was now sane, sober and in his right mind. Glory to God!

The Holy Spirit's work through their ministry has continued and continues on even into other nations. You can read more about them in Jane Rumph's book Stories From the Front Lines; Power Evangelism in Today's World, from Baker Book House, (Chapter 2) which can be ordered here.

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