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I. DVD RESOURCES ($5.00 each)

A. Testimonies/Mission travels

1. Bryan’s Surfing Testimony
2. Holy Ghost Surf Stories—Israeli Connections
3. Holy Ghost Surf Stories—Divine Rescue in Guethary
4. Mexico Ministry
5. Euromission France
6. Euromission Romania and N. Ireland
7. Grace World Mission—A Ministry Overview
8. Tribute to Harald Bredesen
9. Ministry in Ghana, West Africa
10. Holy Ghost Harald Stories
11. Interview with Harald Bredesen
12. Travel: South Africa Surf Safari/Fine Living Network

B. Christian History

1. Grace Awakenings
2. Encounters with the Living God
3. The Real St. Patrick
4. Columba (Columcille)
5. Conversion of the Vikings
6. George Whitefield and the 18th Century Revivals
7. Martin Luther and the Reformation
8. Let the Reformation Continue
9. The Waldensians
10. The Great Awakening
11. Jesus People Revival
12. John Knox and the Scottish Reformation
13. John Wesley and the Methodist Revival
14. Intertestamental Period
15. The Gospel in the Roman Empire I
16. The Gospel in the Roman Empire II
17. The Gospel in the Roman Empire III
18. The Gospel in the Roman Empire IV
19. The Need for Reform I
20. The Need for Reform II
21. The Birth of Protestant Missions

C. Personal Enrichment/Biblical Studies

1. Understanding the Gospel
2. Be Filled with the Spirit
3. Live by the Spirit
4. Tolerance of God
5. Towards a Healthy Marriage
6. A Righteousness from God
7. One Mediator
8. Maintaining Good Stewardship of the Body
9. Spirit Led or Purpose Driven
10. Bridges to a Fallen World
11. Let the Reformation Continue
12. Why Christ Came


A. Audio Series

1. Divine Appointments Series $15.00
A 7-message series with teaching and personal testimonies of the Holy Spirit's leading and guidance of the book of Acts and the ministry of Bryan and Mercedes. A powerful series that will encourage you in your walk with God to rely and depend on His power as you follow Christ. 7-message series.

2. Signs and Wonders in the Early and Medieval Church $5.00
An insightful overview of the miracles that occurred during these two periods. Arm yourself against skeptics with this important historical evidence which demonstrates that spiritual gifts have never ceased, but have continued throughout the history of the church. 2 message series

3. Holy Ghost Surf and Ski Stories $8.00
Serving God is truly an adventure! Hear some awesome testimonies of divine appointments that Bryan and Mercedes had on their ministry trips as well as at home. Really enjoyable for youth, but great for anyone of any age, who wants to learn how to follow the voice of God in everyday life. 4 message series

4. Radical Conversions in Christian History $15.00
Covers the dramatic conversions of such notable Christian figures as the Apostle Paul, St. Augustine, Roman Emperor Constantine, Reformer Martin Luther, Methodist church founder John Wesley, and Revivalist Charles Grandison Finney. Check it out!

5. Early Missionaries of the British Isles $5.00
Hear the true story of St. Patrick, missionary to Ireland, and Columba, missionary to Scotland. Hear the real stories, rather than the the watered-down fables passed down by popular culture. 2 messages

6. Overview of the Reformation and the Foundation it Laid for Revival and Mission $20.00
Most evangelical Christians these days seem to know little about the important history of their faith. This overview will help you learn about the circumstances that led up to and took place and followed the Protestant Reformation of which all evangelicals today are historically tied to. Understand your evangelical roots. Learn about Wycliffe, Hus, Luther, etc. and understand the errors of the institutionalized church and why it is so essential to understand that the Scriptures alone are our authority as Christians. 12 message series.

7. Birth of the Modern Pentecostal and Charismatic Movement $5.00
The Modern Pentecostal/Charismatic movement is the largest nonmilitary, nonpolitical movement of any kind in the Word today. Learn about its humble origins and birth through these recording. 2 message series

8. Light of Christ in the Dark Ages $8.00
Even though the institutionalized church drifted into serious error and tradition during the medieval period there were still those who carried forth the Gospel and were shining examples for Christ in this dark time. Be encouraged by those who served the Lord in such time of darkness. 3 message series

B. Audio CD Single Messages ($3.00 each)

1. The Conversion of Paul: From the road to Damascus to the leading advocate of the faith he once tried to destroy
2. When the Time Had Fully Come": Historical / Political Background of the coming of the Messiah and the outpouring of the Spirit.
3. The Spread of Persecution": Claudius begins official persecution of the Church but watch out, because Nero is waiting in the wings.
4. "Paul in Athens": The locus classicus of Paul's missionary message delivered at the Aeropagus in Greece
5. "Revival in Ephesus": The Spirit at work in Ephesus with incredible results.
6. "Paul in Troas": The dead raised and other radical things.
7. "Paul on Trial": Paul's trials, tribulations and victories after going to Jerusalem.
8. "Paul Shipwrecked": Paul's boat capsizes but God's will overcomes the trial.
9. "The Destruction of Jerusalem": In 70 AD not one stone was left upon another just as Jesus had said.
10. “The Errors of the Institutional Church”: This gives background on the drift into error during the mdieval period of the institutionalized church and how it led to the Reformation. It is important to understand the gross errors of the institutional church in order to understand the need for reform. Also covers Savanarola’s martyrdom, someone who the church killed for starting a revival.
11. Martin Luther’s Conversion: More has been written about Luther than anyone in history except for Jesus Christ. Learn about one of the most pivotal people in history through this overview.
12. The Great Awakening: Find out about the miraculous details of this great revival.
13. Charles Finney’s Conversion: Hear about his supernatural conversion and filling of the Holy Spirit.
14. "The Transformation of Peter": God's transforming work in Peter's life to teach reliance on the Spirit.
15. Justin Martyr
16. Polycarp and Perpetua—Victory over the Fear of Death
17. Irenaeus and the Grace of God
18. Tertullian, the Trinity, and the Gifts of the Spirit
19. Gregory the Wonderworker
20. Constantine’s Conversion
21. Conversion of St. Augustine
22. Trial, Crucifixion, and Resurrection of Christ
23. Saint Anthony
24. The Nestorians and St. Boniface
25. The Middle Ages—Bede, Anskar
26. Anselm and the Deity of Christ—Why God Became Man
27. Man’s Fallenness and God’s Grace—Cyril, Methodius, Vladimir
28. Early Reform Lights—Waldensians, Francis of Assisi
29. Wycliffe—The Morningstar of the Reformation
30. John Huss
31. Gutenberg Bible and the Reformation
32. Savanarola
33. Cane Ridge Revival
34. Jesus People Revival—Lonnie Frisbee and the Birth of the Calvary Chapel Movement
35. Lonnie Frisbee and the Birth of the Vineyard Movement
36. Amsterdam 2000—Divine Provision
37. Encounters on a Latvian Ferry
38. Confirmation of the Message of Grace while Traveling in Spain
39. Divine Appts in Portugal
40. Finney’s Conversion
41. Divine Appts and Spiritual Warfare in France
42. Saul and David, Moravians and Missions
43. Bryan’s Testimony of God’s Grace
44. Delight Yourself in the Lord—Testimony/Surfing
45. Tyndale/King James/Health
46. Divine Appt with New Zealanders in France
47. Divine Appt with Israelis in Spain
48. Divine Interruption in Sweden
49. Intertestamental Period
50. The Holy Spirit—Who He Is
51. The Holy Spirit—Being Filled
52. The Problem of Celibacy
53. Norway—Dreams and Visions
54. Euromission—Sweden—Spiritual Warfare 2002
55. Euromission—France—The Leading of the Holy Spirit
56. Euromission—Spain and England—Persecution and Perseverance
57. Interview with Bjorn Beckmann on return from Mission Trip
58. The Gospel in the Roman Empire I
59. The Gospel in the Roman Empire II
60. Holy Ghost Surf and Ski Stories
61. Bryan’s Surf Testimony
62. Holy Ghost Surf Stories #1
63. Be Filled with the Spirit
64. Live by the Spirit
65. Understanding the Gospel
66. Five-Year Radio Anniversary
67. Ten-Year Ministry Anniversary
68. Maintaining the Body
69. The Conversion of the Vikings
70. The Gospel in the Roman Empire III
71. The Gospel in the Roman Empire IV
72. Encounters with the Living God
73. George Whitefield and the 18th Century Revivals
74. Grace Awakenings
75. Euromission 2004—Sweden
76. Euromission 2004—Norway Part 1
77. Euromission 2004—Norway 2
78. The Hands of Time