The Praise Report
Winter 2003/2004

The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound but you cannot tell where it is coming from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit (John 3:8).
The Holy Spirit moves in power over some young kids at a retreat
God has many adventures and surprises in store when we, as His children, seek to serve Him and walk in His Spirit.

We have been doing various ministry events over the last months and the Holy Spirit has been working in exciting ways.

We were doing a youth retreat with about 60 or so young people in the mountains and some extraordinarily powerful moves of God took place.

Mercedes spoke one night and we had a very powerful move of God with many touched and ministered to, which was climactic in itself. But then the next night as Bryan spoke the Holy Spirit surprised us as He completely took over the meeting and powerfully ministered to all there, pouring out His glorious presence again in an even more dramatic way. Other events for the evening had to be cancelled as the Holy Spirit continued to pour over young lives long into the night as many wept, were overcome by the Spirit and lay on the ground inundated by the heavy presence of God. God exceeded expectations in a surprising and glorious way. Many wonderful testimonies were given of lives deeply touched, healed, transformed and ministered to.

In a recent meeting in Ensenada a powerful and unexpected move of the Spirit took place over the youth there. After preaching and ministering and having a powerful move of God already, right at what seemed like the end of the meeting, Mercedes gave a word for the young people. About 45 to 50 youth came forward who were dramatically impacted as the Spirit of God moved again pouring His love and power over them. The Kingdom of God was very evident as His mercy deeply touched so many young lives.

About seven people came forward to receive Christ at an outreach we did recently. It was surprising, because like many times in Mexico, we got lost on the way (many streets don’t have names). I (Bryan) was sick and was without energy or strength, and, as has often been the case, we were spending all our time and gas driving around in circles!

We, by God’s grace however, ran into a person who directed us to the correct place. But being so late made us wonder if it would all be in vain. They had already put someone up to speak when we arrived, but praise God, they were just trying to fill time while waiting for us. The person organizing the meeting met us at the car, and had us go straight up to minister. Even though I felt drained of strength and energy, God worked powerfully as 7 people received Christ and quite a few others were filled with the Holy Spirit. Moments like that make you realize the truth of the verse that says: “My grace is sufficient for you for my strength is perfected in your weakness!”

We were ministering recently in Tijuana when God had a few surprises in store. As we finished preaching I was about to do a call for people to receive Christ yet an impression weighed upon me that God had different plans. However I went ahead anyways and there was no response. Forced to press into God quickly while hanging there with nothing happening, the Lord suddenly gave me some words for healing needs. One was for a shoulder injury, and a man came forward and was instantly healed. He waved his arm around in front of the church and was flabbergasted that his shoulder, injured in a construction accident, was now completely pain free. Then another man was healed who had ringing in his ears. Other healings took place and the Holy Spirit filled many as well, including one young guy who seemed completely disinterested in everything that was happening, and yet the Spirit of God suddenly came on him in power and he gave a powerful testimony afterward of having been touched for the first time by the love and power of God.

Now that we were on to what God was doing we were ready for more healing the next night. Instead, God began pouring out his Spirit and filling many people. Then when I was least expecting it, the Holy Spirit spoke into my heart to give a call for those who needed to receive Christ.
After the previous night’s experience, I wasn’t really expecting or ready to go in this direction at all. However, out of just obedience to what I discerned the Holy Spirit was communicating, I did what seemed illogical to my natural mind because of the former night’s experience, and 2 people who had not been in the meeting the previous night prayed with us to receive Christ as Savior. “The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound but you cannot tell where it is coming from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.”


Patrick getting into praising the Lord

Audio and Video Ministry

We have just completed some new videos including a new Holy Ghost Surf Stories in addition to others on Being Filled and Living by the Spirit, historical topics like George Whitfield, the 18th century revivals, and Grace Awakening Revivals that have taken place in history when people have gone back to the roots of the Gospel and to Paul’s emphasis on God’s all surpassing grace.

We have seen a dramatic need for teaching on important and relevant historical subjects in the body of Christ, as well as culturally relevant evangelistic tools. Thus we have sought to produce audio and video materials that are relevant, informative and inspiring.

Some of the programs we have been producing are now starting to be used in different settings in various parts of the world. In Mexico some materials will be used in a Bible school there and our surf videos are being regularly rented at a bookstore in Tijuana. In Africa, we have donated a large amount of programs to a pastor in Africa to help develop a teaching program there.

If you have a situation where these important topics could be used for yourself or others just let us know and we’ll certainly seek to accommodate you. The prices shown are merely suggested donation amounts and we are extremely flexible with that. We often give materials free to those in need or who ask and it’s something we wish we could do more of. Yet, when we can get something back to help offset the cost of production, it helps us at least to break even and raise necessary funds when possible too.

European Mission Situation

A new book by scholar Phillip Jenkins points to the fact that as the Gospel continues to spread over different parts of the world like Africa and Latin America, Europe is emerging as the neediest and most overlooked mission field of our day.

We are in prayer about returning again in God’s timing ourselves. Please keep us in your prayers in regards to this.
Holy Ghost Surf Story

So many powerful encounters have happened as we have traveled and ministered in Europe that we don’t always have time or space to share them all. We have been doing a series both on audio and video called “Holy Ghost Surf Stories” and we want to share here another one of those powerful miraculous encounters that took place not too long ago.

Crazy Bike Ride on the Basque Coast

We were in between some ministry engagements when we took a break in the Biarritz area, located along the Basque Coast of France.

We didn’t have much time for this break so one day when I heard that the surf had come up I wanted to get down to it while we had the chance. However, we didn’t have any transportation options since there were no trains or buses going where we wanted to go.

A French guy we had made friends with at the Youth Hostel where we were staying said he would loan us his bikes, which sounded like a good idea at the time!

I, however, didn’t realize I was in for the workout of my life, when on these old rusted out junkers with half inflated tires, we started encountering the mountainous hills of the Basque coast. Not only were these rust buckets resistant to rolling very fast but the hills were grueling and I had a surfboard under one arm and Patrick on my back in a kid-backpack as well.
It didn’t take long until I was completely drenched in sweat as I agonized my way up one hill after the other. The bike was also slowly deteriorating as I rode. For more than ten miles it went on, I’ve done 50 mile rides before but this was by far much more grueling.

We finally arrived at Guethary (a French reef break and big wave spot) and I was absolutely soaked with sweat and completely exhausted. The bikes were in worse shape though as they had deteriorated throughout the ride and were now defunct. The surf, much to my shock, was a lot bigger than I had expected, big waves can be exciting, but not when you feel like you just ran a marathon. As I looked out at the sea I realized my board was definitely too small for the 12 foot-plus waves.

After that investment in getting there I wasn’t about to just give up though. I gathered what was left of my strength and paddled out in the large surf.

In spite of having too small a board I still had some good waves and a fun time. The dilemma of how to get back, however, awaited on the shore.

We now had broken bikes, night had set in, and it was dark and freezing and there was a very long hard distance to cover to return. It seemed crazy to try and walk so we just began to pray as to what to do.

As we prayed we both felt we should try going to a nearby train station.

We got there and the station was closed. There was no chance of getting tickets and we actually hadn’t brought our wallet with us so we only had a bit of change, and besides, bikes were not allowed on these particular trains, so it all seemed pointless. But the posted schedule showed that one more train was coming that evening and we felt led to just pray for a miracle and wait and see what would happen.

Having traveled extensively on trains in France before, we knew we needed a major miracle. We had been fined just for having a surfboard once on the wrong type of train and another time for having just slightly wrong tickets. The train finally arrived as we stood shivering in the dark, the conductor opened the door and, in broken French, we tried to explain our dilemma. He looked at us with the two bicycles, a surfboard and a child, with no tickets, and had an expression on his face like: “You want to bring all that junk on my train and you don’t even have tickets, what mental institution have you escaped from!” We stood there a moment and it was as though he was struck with divine compassion all of sudden and just said in broken English: “OK, get on, but make sure all that junk doesn’t get in anybody’s way.”

We had no doubt it was a major miracle, the bikes weren’t even supposed to be on the train, we didn’t even have tickets and he never asked us for any payment at all. God had moved on his heart to spare us a grueling midnight death trek back to the Hostel.

The miracle continued when we arrived back at the Youth Hostel. A nice pricey dinner was just being served and the hostel administrator, just out of the blue, handed us two free dinner tickets as we came through the door. It was a miraculous conclusion to an already wild and miraculous day. God’s wonders of grace definitely buoyed our enthusiasm as we spent the next few days witnessing to the administrator and others around the hostel of the greatness and wonders of God.


The recent California wildfires affected a lot of people who weren’t even near the flames. I (Bryan) was caught in smoke and ash storms twice because of sudden wind shifts. Both times while exercising and ended up breathing large amounts of noxious smoke and ash. The smoke weakens the immune system significantly and sickness like I haven’t experienced in years hit hard. I was weeks in bed with severe fever, coughing, chills, cold sweats, and vomiting. Every time when I thought I was on the recovery and would begin getting busy again there would be a relapse. Ministering in Mexico, where staying overnight means sleeping in homes without heat or insulation, didn’t help. Thus, we got behind on a lot of things and are still playing catch up. Your prayers are appreciated in regards to catching up on things as well as a still needed full recovery free from coughing, etc.

We have also been garnering large bills in keeping our old cars going, which of course require quite a bit of maintenance due to the effects of horrible road conditions continually encountered South of the border. Massive potholes, unmarked speed bumps, unpaved washboard bumpy roads all do wonders for your vehicle. A lot of stuff needs work to put it mildly.
We truly appreciate your prayers and support. It makes a huge difference and no amount is insignificant. Remembering Jesus words that it is more blessed to give than receive, we ask that you consider being a blessing to our mission efforts with your prayers and financial support.
All gifts are tax deductible when made out to Grace World Mission.
Blessings to you,

Bryan , Mercedes and Patrick Marleaux

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