The Praise Report
Summer 2003
We’re in a New Book

A new book has just been published that includes an account of our ministry in it. The book is called Signs and Wonders in America today, by Jane Rumph.

We can be found in chapter 2, starting on page 32. It tells of a time when we were ministering and some unusual signs and wonders took place, including supernatural wind, rain and an angelic encounter.

We feel blessed to have a part in this book that seeks to show that God isn’t just doing miraculous things in places like Africa and Argentina but is powerfully at work in the U.S. too. We encourage you to get a copy, which can be ordered at any bookstore.

We were also included in another book that Jane Rumph wrote a few years back, which has recently been republished. Stories from the Front Lines; Power Evangelism in Today’s World also has an account of our ministry in the second chapter which tells of how our ministry started in Mexico, and some miraculous conversions and a healing that took place. This also is a faith-building book that can be ordered through us or at any bookstore. Check it out.
New Videos
We just finished a couple of exciting new videos. One is of Bryan’s personal testimony that is filmed at a coastal setting with his own surfing action. The other, similarly, is called “Holy Ghost Surf Stories” with surfing action as well, which tells of traveling divine appointment stories.

Both of these videos can be used as tools to impact the lives of the unreached and youth. Can’t get someone to go to church? Have them watch a surf video! For a limited time (subject to available supplies) you can receive one of these videos for a donation to Grace World Mission of any size. Just write, call or e-mail from the info at the end of this newsletter.

There are other new videos too. One is a 5 part in-depth series on “The Gospel in the Roman Empire” as well as “Martin Luther and the Reformation,” along with other various topics, see our catalog or visit us on the web.
Recent Ministry Update

We were recently preaching in Tijuana, Mexico and as I spoke about the reality of spiritual warfare for those who follow and serve Christ, a young pastor walked into the meeting.

Right as he came in, the Holy Spirit came upon him and he was struck by the power of God and was immediately healed and delivered from dizzy spells. It was a dramatic power encounter, demonstrating the presence of the kingdom of God and Christ’s power to heal.

That pastor had us come and preach at his church a couple of weeks later where seven people came to Christ and many others were filled and empowered by the presence of the Holy Spirit as we ministered at his congregation.

We also recently preached at a crusade in Tijuana. About 13 people came forward in response to making a decision to follow Christ. There were many others who were touched by the presence of the Holy Spirit there also. We also had 5 people come to Christ in an outreach we just recently did in Tijuana with a great move of the Holy Spirit in the meeting there.

At another recent meeting, a woman named Marta Zanabria shared an encouraging testimony. She told about how she was attending a service we were speaking at and during the ministry time I (Bryan) came over to her and prayed over her and gave her a prophetic word about how God was about to bring her into her own ministry and was going to open a door for her to begin ministering on the radio. She said it was very significant because she was always ignored by any visiting minister who came to her church and was feeling overlooked. Yet, she had a desire hidden in her heart to minister and serve the Lord. She said the word was a great encouragement to her at the time.

Well, within a few months it all happened. God opened up ministry opportunities including starting her own radio program, which she now continues to host. Praise the Lord! It’s always a blessing to know that it was actually from God when you step out on a limb and give a word like that!
Bryan getting ready to preach and dig into the Word while Patrick has his shovel ready to dig into the sandbox.

Our friend Bjorn, from Norway, stopped by California for a little surf, and ministry in Mexico, on his way back from a ministry trip in the South Pacific.
Partner With Us
Jesus, himself an itinerant minister, was supported by a group of people who gave to his ministry out of their own means (Luke 8:3). He also promised that those who gave would be greatly blessed (Luke 6:38).

Similarly, Paul the Apostle was an itinerant missionary. He encouraged the Christians to support those who do the work of the Gospel and encouraged them that they would be blessed by doing so (2Cor.9: 6-11).

Paul said in Phil 4: 3: “My God will meet all your needs according to His riches and glory.” But it should be remembered that this was a specific promise to those who had supported mission work again and again.

Preaching at a church in California
The Holy Spirit moves in power during ministry
We encourage you to seek the Lord regarding whether the Holy Spirit might be leading you to partner with us in our mission endeavors through prayer and financial support. We are being continually blessed in regards to our ministry work, seeing many come to Christ and filled with His Spirit, but finances remain a need. We spend most our time ministering versus fund-raising and thus end up continually sacrificing personally to further Christ’s work. As Rheinhard Bonnke says: Those who can should help with the bill of the Gospel being preached. We’ve been encouraged by our board to speak out more and challenge people towards giving support.
We want to share some words from a friend of ours who serves on the Board of Grace World Mission. Harald Bredesen, a well-respected and stalwart leader in the Christian community and frequent guest on CBN and TBN, said: (for a video copy of this statement contact us)
I’ve had the joy of being a founding board member of the “Christian Broadcasting Network”, “Teen Challenge”, “The Prince of Peace Prize”, of so many ministries. But, of them all, there is none that I have the greatest confidence in the purity of the motivation, and the fact that it was the Holy Spirit that gave birth to it than Grace World Mission, led by its founders, Bryan and Mercedes Marleaux. I’ve got to be very frank with you friends. I see so many ministries in which the people of God are investing so heavily and yet so little of it is getting to the firing line and so much of it used to line pockets. But I praise God for a ministry I can truly believe in. I’ve seen the sacrifice; I’ve seen the zeal; I’ve seen the Spirit lededness of this beautiful man and woman of God and I am so happy to be a part of it--I hope you will be and will support it with God’s money. I’m sure he’ll bless you for it.

We appreciate your prayers and support for us in our mission efforts. Your donation is tax deductible when your check is made out to Grace World Mission. Blessings to you!

Preaching at an outreach in Tijuana, Mexico
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