The Praise Report
Fall 2005
Taking a hike on the way back from ministering in Monterey, California, where we had a powerful divine appointment on top of the mountain.
… For we are to serve God in the new way of the Spirit and not in the old way of the written code. Romans 7:6
As we’ve been ministering in various places we have been experiencing the Holy Spirit moving in some radical ways.
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Divine Appointments on the Road
We went up north to Monterey, California to preach and attend a wedding and the Lord had much more in store for us there than we expected.

When we arrived at the wedding, we had an immediate divine appointment with a relative that I had witnessed to years ago, but who has remained an agnostic. And yet, he straight away asked us to pray for him regarding his recent diagnosis with cancer as soon as we showed up. A brush with one’s own mortality can suddenly make a person open up to the message of Christ in a way he hasn’t been before. We were able to share the Gospel with him in a pretty deep and extensive way as well as pray and lay hands on him regarding his cancer.

We had another divine appointment on a hike we took to the top of a mountain. On the way back down the coast from ministering in Monterey, we stopped and did some hiking along the Central Coast. One day, at Big Sur Park, we had hiked all day and then hiked up to a waterfall. On the way down from the waterfall we were tired but felt led by the Spirit to take another trail up to a lookout point, even though we had already hiked for five hours. On top of the lookout point we happened to meet a young surfer guy who struck up a conversation with us. The fact that he was a fellow surfer gave us an instant connection with him and then he told us he had recently become a Christian. As we talked to him, he confided to us that even though he had become a Christian, he was still dealing with heroin addiction.

We were able to spend some time talking and encouraging him. We shared that he really needed the power of the Holy Spirit to overcome this and then we laid hands on him and prayed right there on top of the mountain, with other hikers walking by, and it was obvious God touched, ministered, and encouraged him and brought a breakthrough in his new walk with Christ.

Patrick taking in a view of the coast.

It never ceases to amaze us how God can bring forth some of the most radical divine appointments in the most unexpected places. Having ministered already in Monterey, and then just taking a little break to do some hiking on the way home, that still small voice of the Lord led us to a divine appointment with one of God’s children who needed some encouragement and prayer, as well as bringing forth a divine appointment at the wedding where we were able to share the Good News with one in need of understanding the reality of the Kingdom of God.

We also had a blessed time at the church where we ministered in Monterey, and the Holy Spirit moved in great power, filling many with a great outpouring of His presence, so much so that some of the worship leaders were overcome by the Spirit’s presence in such a way that they were unable to play their instruments while the Lord was upon them.
Youth Camp -- Healings, Miracles, Signs and Wonders

Above: Praying for some young women who were amongst the many who were filled and empowered by the Holy Spirit at the youth camp.

Youth Camp up in the mountains with the approximately 430 young people who showed up crammed into a meeting hall with many still overflowing out the back door.
We preached at a youth Summer camp at the end of July. Around 300 youth were expected for the camp but over 430 showed up. We were kept quite busy preaching and ministering which included praying for people for lengthy periods. In fact, we preached and ministered twice on the first night there, this being after driving over 5 hours in traffic to get there. With less sleep than normal, which is pretty common for most camps like these, we then preached, taught and ministered three times the next day, this again was with long times of praying, often for hours, for many kids at each session. As ministry continued long in each meeting, there were many who were very powerfully impacted by the Spirit’s power with an outpouring of God’s mercy, love, and healing, and even some deliverance.

Praying for some young girls around
12 years old who were powerfully baptized
in the Holy Spirit with a great manifestation
of the Spirit’s presence.

We were quite exhausted by the time the camp came to an end, but clearly God himself was not, as ministry in each meeting became more and more powerful and intense, crescendoing in the last meeting where an extra long time of ministry took place, and where the Holy Spirit just took over and poured out His healing, mercy, love and deliverance over the youth and many others including counselors and leaders who had been praying for the kids most of the time at the camp. God just took over and His Spirit fell over everyone, including us, as we found ourselves on the floor receiving a powerful wave of refreshing and renewal as many of the youth laid hands on us. It was truly exciting to witness and participate in all that God had done. Many were filled and ministered to by the Holy Spirit’s power, as well as others who had come to Christ or had recommitted their lives to Him.
Some powerful healings also took place, including a young woman named Nancy Valadez who was born with deafness in her right ear. I (Bryan) had a word of knowledge, which she responded to, and as she came up and we prayed for her she reported that she began to hear the sound of wind blowing through her ear, and then she could hear sounds for the first time in her life out of that ear. When the testimony of what God had done was shared at the camp, there was much praising to God for the radical miracle that He had done in our midst.

Just recently, while ministering in Mexico, a similar thing took place where two women who were responding to a word of knowledge came forward. They had impaired hearing and, after receiving prayer, one said that her hearing was improved and the other testified that she heard the sounds of wind blowing, and then suddenly her hearing was stronger and clearer than it had been. Her neck and shoulder were also healed of pain that she had been suffering for some time.

As we have been ministering in Mexico and other places, we have watched the Holy Spirit filling, empowering and ministering with healing and grace to many people, along with many coming to the Savior. As we have gone forth, God’s power has continually been manifest and the impact of His Kingdom has made its mark on many lives that will never be the same.

Standing next to Nancy Valadez, who received
a miraculous healing in her right ear!

In Mexico, praying for some women who
received healing to their impaired hearing.

Right: Standing with a devoted listener who has been tuning into our radio programs since its beginning 8 years ago. You can catch us on the radio at KPRZ 1210 AM every Friday at midnight or live on the web at

Scenes from the youth retreat: Far left: Preaching together during one of the meetings.
Middle: playing some songs inspiring missions.
Right: A youth group that uses breaking as a tool for evangelistic outreach asked Bryan to join them in their routine to which the crowd was astounded to see a white surfer dude keeping up with them.

Paul says, ”I became all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some.” 1 Cor 9:22.
It is important to remeber that if we want to win the lost we need to relevantly reach into their cultures with the Gospel. Jesus said: “God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world but to save the world through him.” We have used breaking in the hard soil of Europe as an effective tool also
More Divine Appointments
We’ve had other divine appointments too like in Baja, Mexico recently where we were taking a surf break between some meetings when we had a woman come up to ask for parking money while we were getting ready to go out. We didn’t have much cash on us so I asked Mercedes to talk to her in Spanish, which often works good to get favor with the locals and not be overcharged for things. It worked out that she was a Christian whose daughter had recently been diagnosed with AIDS and she was quite distraught. There was an opportunity to go and pray with the daughter at her house and the glory of God filled the place during the prayer.

That same day we were attending an administrative meeting for radio broadcasters in Mexico, when we were spontaneously asked to come up and say a closing prayer for the meeting. When we began to pray the Spirit of God fell on a number of people there who were knocked to the floor and then a prayer time took place which lasted a considerable time with some intense ministry. God spontaneously turned what would be a routine administrative meeting into a radical Holy Ghost time.
Videos: New and Renewed
We have been re-editing some of our videos like the one on Martin Luther and the Reformation. We have added lots of exciting footage that we ourselves took while in Germany and other places where the Reformation actually happened. We’ve also re-edited the Jesus People Revival video and added a lot of vintage footage to this teaching.

I don’t think we can stress enough the importance that we as Christians know some of the foundational aspects of our history such as the Reformation. As Churchill said: “Those who won’t learn from history are condemned to repeat it.” We see many, even in leadership these days, who are ignorant of some very important and essential aspects of Christian History, and who are inadvertently sliding back into the folly of past errors. We are thus seeking to teach and inform in an exciting, dynamic and concise format some essential truths and aspects of Christian History from the added vantage point of a Spirit-filled perspective.

Worship leader getting powerfully touched
by the Holy Spirit at the closing meeting of
the youth camp.
Your prayers and support greatly aid us in these endeavors. We ourselves often donate many of these materials, especially in Mexico, where the need both on the educational and economic level is so great. We have received persecution for our efforts there with some from traditional religious backgrounds (Catholic priests) attacking us for simply teaching on Biblical and historical truths. It seems that some prefer that people be kept in the dark spiritually and with regards to the plain facts of history.

We have also produced two new videos: one on the subject of maintaining a healthy marriage. With marriage under attack as never before (50% of Christian marriages end up in divorce) it is important that there be some solid teaching and insight to help people maintain healthy marriages. The other new video gives an overview of our ministry, telling the story of its supernatural beginnings and blessing under the hand of God.
We’ve also produced some of our own worship music. Let us know if you’d like a CD, video or DVD from our catalog of available materials.

If you are in a difficult position financially, you can receive any of our videos or other audio stuff free of charge. If, however, you are able to donate something to help us cover our costs, it is appreciated and helpful. We consider all that we produce as ministry and therefore do not want the price or finances to stand in the way if you feel there is something that would be a blessing to you or would fulfill a need. Just ask, and we’ll accommodate you as best we can. If you can return the favor by donating, it’s always appreciated.
Road Warrior Battles, etc.
We are recovering from and still dealing with a major car accident that happened on the way back from Mexico recently. We were struck on the freeway at full speed by what we assume was a drunk driver (if it wasn’t a drunk driver then it’s even more alarming what happened considering the nature of the way we were hit.) An erratic maniac slammed directly into us and we spun out on the freeway and then almost got hit by other cars. The driver who hit us then fled the scene like a rat scurrying back into the darkness.

But praise God, there were no serious injuries on our part at all, which really is a miracle considering the seriousness of the accident (the bill for repairing our car was $3,000 dollars in the end which should give an idea of how serious the accident was.) We believe spiritual warfare played a part in this collision, we had just finished a live radio broadcast on signs, wonders, healings and miracles and casting out demons—you know, that Bible kind of stuff that so much of the church doesn’t want to talk about and which the devil really hates.

Sometimes we can forget that the enemy especially targets those serving Christ and even more so those seeking to go forth in His power but God did protect us in spite of how serious an accident and close a call it was. We’d appreciate your continued prayers for God’s blessing of protection.

Participating at Graduation ceremonies
for VIDA Bible Institute, an extension of
LIFE Bible college. We taught four courses there. In the middle of the bottom picture is Jim Toll, pastor of “Church on the Way”
With all the driving we do to Mexico and other places, gas prices have really hit us hard and put an extra heavy squeeze on our already tight finances. Your prayers and support are really needed and appreciated in these tough times.

We also participated in the graduation ceremonies of VIDA Bible Institute, an extension of Life Bible College not too long ago due to the fact that we had taught four classes (as well as designing some of them) at the Institute. It was exciting to see some of those we had instructed receiving their diplomas.

Teaching these classes, as well as taking two major mission trips in 2004 and early 2005, one to Africa and one to Europe, along with moving after being in one place for 13 years, all this while carrying out our regular ministry, left us a bit behind the eight ball with a lot of catching up to do. Your prayers are appreciated.
...And the Good News is Preached to the Poor
A substantial amount of our ministry takes place amongst those who are much less fortunate in regards to having the world’s goods. Thus there are often times when we are working “pro bono” so to speak, or where any offering we might receive is not anything substantial, often along with us giving materials away to help teach and bless the people.

This is where you can be a blessing to this work. We share this to let you know that your support of Grace World Mission enables us to to do this more abundantly. The more support we receive the more we are able to reach out and give in numerous ways as well.

When you help us with financial support you are enabling us to go forth and minister the Gospel to many different people, some who just don’t have the resources available to them that others have.

As put by Evangelist Rheinhard Bonnke, those with resources have an obligation to give to those who are going forth with the Gospel that it might be preached to the poor.

We want to encourage you to seek God regarding giving financial support to this ministry if you are not already doing so, for we are confident that if you do He will lead you to be one of those people who are more blessed because they give, for it is truly “more blessed to give than to receive.”

In Christ,

Hiking along the Central Coast, this trail here was 12 miles round trip and included a 1640 foot ascent and descent over a small mountain. Here Bryan is carrying Patrick amongst other “things” up an extremely steep ascent, straight uphill. Definitely felt like we were living out the Scripture: “I beat my body and make it my slave.”
Bryan, Mercedes, and Patrick Marleaux

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