Taking a stroll Mont Martre, Paris

Spirit in a great way. Many powerful testimonies followed as people related what God did.

Holy Ghost Miracles Surfing and Traveling

We took a little surf break in Portugal afterward. It was a refreshing time and God also continued to work wonders.

On the last day in Portugal I went for one last surf before leaving, but ended up running late getting out of the water (a typical surfer problem). I began to stress out because I had jogged around 4 to 5 miles to this break and realized I'd never make it back in time. I prayed and sensed the Holy Spirit guiding me to just stand there on a curb in a parking lot and wait. It had started raining a little earlier but now it was pouring and it looked like no one was around. I felt like a fool just standing there and furthermore I was wasting precious time.

Just when I started thinking it's time to commit myself to a home for the mentally deranged, a car rolled up. They rolled down the window and stopped. I communicated my need for a ride and they acted like, " Well, of course. We saw you just standing in this rain here by yourself and thought you must need something." They drove me right to my doorstep, and on the way, I got a chance to witness to them by using them as an example of answered prayer. It was just the beginning of a day of miracles.

We then made it to the train station only to have the Third World conditions of Portugal standing in our way. There was only one person working the ticket counter and a huge line; there were other people behind the counter but they were busy reading the newspaper!

We wondered if we would even make it to the counter before the only train (a night train) that goes out of Portugal left..

We met a young man from Poland in the line and passed the time talking with him. When we finally got to the counter the ticket clerk barked, "There's no more sleepers, only seats and the floor." Portugal has a reputation of crime and thievery especially on the night trains and with Patrick in tow we didn't feel secure about those options . We were stuck and wondered what to do. The guy from Poland suddenly spoke up saying:


"Look, I have a First Class cabin ticket for two people. I want to give this ticket to you." It was so incredible! This guy offering to just give us his First Class cabin ticket, especially since we never met him before. I offered to pay him, seeing the price on the ticket was the equivalent of about $100.00 US dollars. He declined, looked at Patrick, and said: "No, I just want to give it to you."

All we could do was receive it with grace, and rejoice over the goodness of the Lord. What a miracle!!!

We ran into the guy on the train and I said: "Let me at least buy you some dinner." He accepted and we had a great time swapping stories of travel. God also opened up a door for us to share Christ with him. He'd been on the road for some time and was quite receptive to what we had to say.

It was another amazing divine appointment, as we experienced God's miraculous hand of provision in our time of need and also got to share the Gospel.

To think of someone giving up their First Class cabin to people he didn't even know and opting to sleep on a chair or the floor on this extremely overcrowded train instead! It's just absolutely amazing. But God's kingdom is full of amazement, amazements that never cease when we walk with him in the power of the Holy Spirit. Glory to God!!!


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