so we would begin wrapping things up and suddenly the Spirit would start moving again and the meeting was again in full swing. It was a truly glorious time.

Last year on the way to Latvia we had a divine appointment on the ferry with some Norwegian Christians. We didn't have a cabin and were just hanging out when a group with a guitar came in this lounge and started singing worship songs. We ended up having a great night of fellowship with them which in turn led us to go to Norway this year to minister in some of their churches.

We had a wonderful time as we visited Norway which was accompanied by a time of renewal in the Holy Spirit. Some wonderful testimonies were shared with us by those in the meetings.

One woman testified to us that a stronghold was broken over her life when we prayed for her, she was delivered from a heavy oppression and a new walk and intimacy with God had come. Others shared of being filled, healed and renewed.

Three teenagers also came to Christ in a youth meeting. The message I shared was more prophetic than I realized. I told how when Princess Diana was killed we had come upon the spot in Paris where it happened a few days after and that life's fragility really struck me then. With this in mind, I called upon them to understand life's shortness and get serious with God now. Three were born again that evening.

A night later two young people from that area were killed in a rare collision. I was told that one of them had on occasion attended one of the church's youth groups. It really shook people up, and surprised me; I had no idea when I shared that story how close to home it would hit a day later.

Surely the Holy Spirit was speaking through the story I shared, and through this unfortunate accident, of the need to live completely yielded to God for we never know how long our lives will be.

From Norway we headed south to France. Crossing the border into France spiritual warfare hit us. A man came out of the rail office yelling at us for no reason. The enemy obviously wasn't pleased at our arrival. But sometimes these things indicate God is about to do something powerful, which indeed He was.

The Spirit moved in power as we ministered. Many were touched and holy laughter broke out amongst some too. Others were brought to the floor under the power of God.

Bryan taking a skateboardbreak in Norway Surfing and skateboading are great exercise and open doors to
talk to young people.


Mercedes standing in front of the Rijks Museum, Amsterdam

A man came up after the first service and testified how he was touched by the Spirit and had given his life back to Christ; he'd been backslidden a long time. Praise God!

Much deliverance, empowering, and renewal took place in other services too. In one, the interpreter was overcome by the Spirit when God gave me a word for her and her church. The Lord definitely placed a hunger to see more of this happen there in France on our hearts.

We headed to Spain next, which has only 0.8% Evangelical Christians.We ministered in the biggest evangelical church of Seville which has only 150 people (a city the size of San Diego), quite a commentary on the spiritual condition of the nation. But God moved powerfully once again as we ministered.

An incredible thing happened after the first service. I preached on the resistance to the Gospel in Spain which I pointed out was rooted in the rejection of the Reformation. This has resulted in a subsequent slide into gross idolatry taking place in the worship of Mary. The next day God gave two powerful confirmations that this message was the word He wanted delivered.

We visited an open air market and a man there, whom we never met before, started talking to us and suddenly declared, without any discussion of the subject by us: "The problem with Spain and especially Seville is the way they resisted the Reformation."

For a Spaniard to say something like this is unheard of in itself, but to say it to us! The next day after I had just spoke on that topic! It was a miraculous confirmation of what the Spirit is saying to the Church and nation there.

Later that same day we were in our hostel room and I noticed that a previous guest had written a postcard but forgot to send it. Out of curiosity I picked it up and started reading it and was amazed as it stated: "The Spanish people need to be guided back to the grace of God." This of course was the central theme of the Reformation and of our message the previous night. Another miraculous confirmation! Having such confirmation we continued preaching on that subject and the Holy Spirit confirmed our message, filling, freeing and releasing the grace of His

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