Mercedes with a few of the youngsters from Sweden that were powerfully touched by the Holy Spirit.

We gladly paid our now much- more-affordable bill and went to our hotel rejoicing over God's miraculous provison. We were in awe of what God had done on our behalf.

God surely wanted us at this conference and this became even clearer as we attended.

Graham's opening message was on the need for complete reliance on the Holy Spirit. "The church needs to get back to Acts, especially Chapters 1&2," he emphasized. " God's power is the most important thing there is for the furtherance of the Gospel." This focus on the Holy Spirit was reasserted by other speakers as well.

There was also a focus on returning to the principles of the Reformation: salvation by faith alone, through grace alone, by Christ alone and the importance of sticking to this central biblical theme, staying away from dead religiosity. It was a confirming moment for us of what God has been stressing in our lives over many years.

We received and gave too. We had many divine appointments and prayed with many for healing, the filling of the Spirit, etc.

One divine appointment in particular especially stood out.

Evangelistic Appointment in Amsterdam

A man I met gave me his card and I put it in my shirt pocket and headed out for the lunch break. Outside I noticed the card was gone and so went back into the conference center to find it. I searched hard for roughly an hour but to no avail. I was about to give up and leave when the thought struck me that maybe I should pray. (If all else fails try praying!) So I cried out: "Lord, you know where this card is: help me find it!" I opened my eyes and noticed a card sitting on the floor right in front of me. I thought: "That cannot be that card." But it was! How it got right in front of me in a place I had just looked... Only God knows! But he had a plan in it all.

I left rejoicing and noticed a woman walking parallel to me. The Holy Spirit led me to talk to her. So I immediately began to tell her what just happened with the card. Her response was quite suspicious: "God does things like this?" she said.


Something didn't seem right so I asked her some questions and found out that she was neither saved, nor attending the conference. She'd come from her home in Southern Holland, out of curiosity, to attend just one meeting.

I began to talk with her about the need for a relationship with God, and she just happened to have a BGEA tract in her hand. I took her through it and said: " God brought you here by divine appointment so that you'd receive eternal salvation." I asked her if she would like to receive Christ and she responded, "Oh yes very much so."

Well, you can't get fruit that is much riper than that! I prayed with her to receive Christ there in the parking lot and also for the Holy Spirit to fill her and she was powerfully filled too. I gave her a book a, a local church's address, etc., and we both went on our ways rejoicing.

I never expected to actually be doing evangelism at a conference for a bunch of evangelists, but God is always full of surprises. More blessings and surprises followed us as we went on to minister in various places in Europe.

Ministry Throughout Europe

As mentioned, we ministered in Sweden, Norway, Latvia, France and Spain. In all theses places we rejoiced to see the hand of God over all the ministry we did. The Holy Spirit moved with power again and again, demonstrating God's grace and glory. The following are some highlights:

This was our fifth time ministering in Sweden and it was a joy to return. The Holy Spirit came in power and it was especially exciting to see some young kids, amongst many others, who were touched deeply by God with some mighty manifestations. We were told some incredible testimonies of things God had done in their lives. One young girl declared to us that it was the most beautiful moment of her life. It was a blessing to see the glory of His presence affect lives so dramatically.

Our friends from Sweden not only provided wonderful hospitality as they always do, but also helped pay our way to Latvia so we could minister there also.

This was our second time ministering in Latvia. Having emerged from a hard Soviet past, there is a hunger for God in many of the people. We saw the Lord meet that hunger in some very wonderful ways.

The Spirit of God moved deeply, filling, empowering and releasing His call and purpose over many lives. There was an especially incredible meeting we did at a church that had us come at the last moment.

This last-minute meeting turned out to be a very powerful outpouring. The Spirit moved in a tremendous way as no one was left untouched and many were overcome, falling to the ground. A number of times it looked as though we were done,

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