Merry Christmas and
Blessings in the New Year!

from Bryan, Mercedes, and Patrick Marleaux

A Look Back at 2008 in Pictures
L to R: Ministering near Tecate Mexico, 10 years of Consecutive Radio Ministry in Mex and US, street witnessing in Mexican Colonia with team from San Diego, the Holy Spirit moves in power in Mexico while we pray for the people.
L to R clockwise: Surfing the Nations (STN) Crew in Hawaii, hanging with Tom and Cindi Bauer, Bryan ministering at North Shore Christian Surfers meeting, Bryan experiencing some heavy North Shore juice, rejoicing in the Lord at STN as God fills his people, Waterfalls and awesome scenery are regular sights on the islands; praying as the Spirit falls at STN.
L to R: The Spirit of God moves in power in a San Diego church, Bryan preaching at Set Free, us with Freedom Christian Fellowship crew in Santa Maria, Mercedes praying at a meeting at USC- we've had some powerful meetings this past year at USC including one just recently.

Row 1 L to R:Packing into the VW Golf for a 4000 Mile ministry drive from France to Kosovo and Romania, Bryan preaching in France, powerful house church meeting in Sweden, Bryan preaching in Romania.

Row 2 L to R: Us with French and Kosovar Friends, the Holy Spirit fills young Lucas and Maisi in Sweden, ministering at the altar in Norway, some young Muslims who turned to Christ when we witnessed to them in Kosovo.

Row 3 L to R: Ancient stone from time of missionary Columcille in Ireland, where we had a powerful mission meeting, Reformation celebration at Luther's historic church in Germany, with 3 months of traveling and ministering in Europe some French tubes are in order while a professional surf photog grabs some frames of Bryan, standing with French and Kosovar friends in front of a bombed-out building in Kosovo.

Row 4 L to R: Bryan preaching in Sweden, scenery and water everywhere in Norway, Holy Ghost time in Kosovo with signs and wonders, historic Luther town in Eastern Germany.


“…and she gave birth to her firstborn, a son. She wrapped him in cloths and
placed him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn."
Luke 2:7

The Son of God, God the Son, entered the world in the most humble fashion one could imagine. Though He spoke the world into existence, no room could be found for Him even as He entered the world as a helpless little baby.

The Son of God, upon His entrance, was not found in a king’s court or even at the temple in Jerusalem, rather we find the King of Glory laying in the feeding trough of an animal, because even a simple inn in Bethlehem was too occupied for Him. None of this was by mistake or random circumstance though.

The Heavenly Father’s very plan was to shroud this glorious event, and similarly many other events through redemptive history, in mystery. Likewise, many things God does today are recognized as acts of the Almighty only by those whose spiritual eyes are opened by faith, for God uses the foolish things and the things that are not to shame the wise. Back then only the shepherds who possessed nothing more than simple faith, understood by God’s revelation that the Savior was now born.

Only a few understood that ancient prophecies were all coming to fulfillment that very evening, as the Savior was incarnated into the world as a little baby lying in a manger. The words of the prophets were suddenly coming to pass after a long, long, long time of waiting. Suddenly, words that had anticipated this event for centuries, were all at once coming to life.

Only simple faith will cause us to see that the little baby who was born in a manger two millenniums ago still lives today. He reigns in Heaven and dwells in the hearts of those who believe in Him and receive Him, fulfilling the words of the ancient prophets: “they will all know me, from the least of them to the greatest...for I will forgive their wickedness and will remember their sins no more.” Jer. 31:34

He gives salvation and brings into living relationship with Himself those who put their faith into Him. Christ lives in the heart of those who believe! This is truly the reason for the season.

May the presence of Christ overshadow you with the power and glorious presence of the Holy Spirit this Christmas season. May the same Holy Spirit who overshadowed Mary, bringing forth the miracle of the incarnation, overshadow your life making your life and Christmas season miraculous.
The Praise Report--2008 In Review
It is exciting to see the Lord working in so many different ways on a continual basis.

The Lord blessed us this last year with some incredible ministry: We had a blessed time ministering in Hawaii with Surfing the Nations and Christian Surfers North Shore (click here to read more.) We had an awesome trip into the Balkans as well as ministering in seven different countries in Europe where we saw the Lord bring healing, salvation, and the outpouring and filling of the Holy Spirit to many different souls, as we logged over 4000 miles driving into Kosovo and Romania from France and then did another 4000 by train into Europe’s northern reaches in Scandinavia (click here to read more.)

We were blessed to see the Lord moving powerfully in Mexico in spite of the many problems happening there—it is virtually in the middle of a civil war now with the narco-traffickers plunging the country into complete anarchy and is extremely dangerous at this time, but God still moved in great ways when we ministered there. We experienced the hand of God move in power in many different places throughout our own state in many different places and regions, where we experienced many different divine appointments and signs and wonders along the way during all this different ministry.

The Lord continued to bless us with our 10th year of radio ministry on two different stations: one in the US and the other in Mexico, as well as continuing broadcasts on numerous different local and regional television stations. We have expanded our message library of podcasts on iTunes with a new and large amount of teaching, mission, historical, and many other types of programs.

We had an account of our ministry published in a new book called Divine Interventions edited by Julia Loren, which is the third book that we have had accounts from our ministry published in, the other two are Stories From the Front Lines and Signs and Wonders in America Today both by Jane Rumph. We produced a number of new video and audio programs that can be found on our website, iTunes, GodTube, and YouTube or be ordered on DVD or CD. God continues to multiply the things He has given us to do and, more importantly, continues to draw us deeper into relationship with himself.

Along with other ministry we have been doing, we were recently ministering in the Central Coast area of California and had a blessed time as we experienced the Spirit of the Lord moving with His glorious presence amongst us at a fellowship in Santa Maria. It was a blessing to experience the glory of the Savior as His power manifest amongst us. Filling, empowering, and releasing prophetic revelation, the Lord brought forth great encouragement to many of us as His power was released.

Equally exciting are the divine appointments and signs and wonders God does in the unexpected moments outside of formal settings.

While strolling around a local beach in the area I began to interact with a local Hispanic man. As we talked with him one thing led to another and we were soon talking with him about his relationship with God. “I used to walk with God and talk with him regularly, but not so much anymore” was the conclusion. We, right there on the boardwalk of the beach, prayed with this man to turn back to the Lord and walk with Him in fellowship once again. So unexpected was the situation but at the same time so normal as the hand of God was in it. It was truly “naturally supernatural!”

Another “naturally supernatural” divine appointment happened on another day as we were doing some filming in a local nature park—reminiscing upon the “Jesus People Revival.”

While talking about the grace of Jesus, a young man walked right next to our set, looking over and listening to us as he went by. He returned a little later and began to talk with us saying he was very interested in what we were talking about. He turned out to be a fellow believer who said that he had been led to come to this park, specifically to the area where he met us, as he was seeking direction from God for some big decisions he had to make about a coming change of location. We prayed with him right there in the park, it was obvious that the Lord encountered him as he left with joy knowing he had been led to come right to this spot and God had met him with a divine appointment and an impact of the Holy Spirit right there in that park.

At a recent meeting we did at USC we saw the Lord move in a marvelous way. The meeting that was supposed to go only one hour lasted over two as the Holy Spirit was poured out in great power. God filled and empowered in a great way those who we prayed over at the end and it extended the meeting a whole other hour. We were excited to find out that a young man to whom we had given some words about missions on a previous visit, was already walking it out overseas. It was a blessing to see God move there over the rest of the weekend too. We experienced the miraculous provision of the Lord as we walked out of the meeting very hungry and ran into a woman running an event on campus. As we talked with her we found out (by divine "coincidence") they just happened to have the exact amount of Subway box lunches left over, which she offered to give to us. We were blessed to see the Lord move in such power and then provide our lunch miraculously right as we walked out of the meeting.

The Lord has been moving in power as we have been ministering in many other places as well. The Holy Spirit has been filling, empowering, healing and setting captives free as we continue to go forth in the power and grace of his Word and Spirit.

At a meeting in Escondido the Lord moved in power and brought His healing touch to some of those we prayed for. He is the same, yesterday, today, and forever and continues to save, heal, and set free.

The Lord continues to have us follow up on the work we did on our last mission trip in Europe as we recently had a friend from Sweden come and visit us. We took him to some different services as well as sharing much from the Bible and Christian History with him. The Holy Spirit definitely poured His grace deep into his heart and worked to draw him to a deeper place in his walk with God.

Jesus said: “My Father is always at work.” It is a blessing to see this reality at Christmastime and all the rest of the year as well.

We thank you for your support and prayer as we continue to follow the Lord, co-laboring in His harvest fields.

Many Blessings to you!
Bryan, Mercedes, and Patrick Marleaux

'Tis the season to give!