While traveling to some interesting areas of the globe, we've been blessed to get some surfing in now and then at some cool places as well as some unusual and out of the way spots. Some of these places you wouldn't expect to find surf. Who would think of surfing in Germany or Hong Kong. Yet we've experienced it ourselves. We've also had some amazing encounters and experiences in some of these places which you can read about by clicking on some of the links. It's a unique experience to go to some of these places as well as get to surf them. There's also a definite experience in culture and people when going to less known and unusual places and another benefit is often a low-crowd factor and locals who are often more welcoming than at the typical spots that everyone else frequents. There is more to traveling and surfing than the sheltered existence of a surf camp or boat trip or watching a video full of aerials. The experience of unique and different people, cultures, food and ways of life and yeah, at times unusual waves in strange and out of the way places, stands out in the mind as something unique, unreal and a blessing from on high to be remembered.

Going off the beaten path may not be what the magazines tell you is cool but it really is the epitome of growing and expanding your understanding of God's creation and life.

Enjoy the ride...


Bryan Marleaux








Surfing and sightseeing can be done
simultaneously on Ireland's beautiful coast.

Surfing in Israel with a local who miraculously supplied me a board when an unusual 4 to 6 ft swell hit. You can read the whole story at Holy Ghost Surf Stories.

Paddling through a picturesque little harbor to get to an isolated break on the North Sea in Norway. Surfing with just some local friends and the odd penguin that might pass by.
Getting ready to paddle out in Hong Kong on the other side of the Island which resembles Hawaii.

Checking the awesome scenery and surf
in the incredible land of Scotland
On the beach in Portugal after a great surf at a spot called Lagide. We've gotten great surf in this country from northern spots like this all the way down south to Faro where you find few surfers.

Surfing and skating in Sweden. Yes I said Sweden! They've got a small bit of coast in the North Sea that gets some surf .
Checking the surf with local friends in Japan.

Great surf but a grueling paddle in Mundaka Spain. Awesome tubes but a broken leash on this particular day, one of many spent there, meant an hour swim looking for a lost board, that's after already surfing something like 5 hours. Have gotten good wave in this country from Mundaka in the North to El Palmar way down south by Gibraltar.

Taking a stroll after a fun surf
in Mar del Plata, Argentina

On the coast of France where we've scored bon vagues (good waves) from up at Soulac du Mer by the Royan River all the way down to Hendaye Plage on the Basque Coast near Spain. Read about our wild bike ride on the Basque Coast that led to a divine rescue. (Click here)

New Zealand beach cruise after a surf.

Heading into and on the beach in Germany, that's right Germany, where a small German island in the North Sea called Westerland gets some surf. Just watch out for the tourists swimming around who always seem to forget their bathing suits in this country.
Checking the surf at a place called Misty Cliffs in Cape Town, South Africa.
Southern Baja, Mexico isolation, no one but
coyotes and seals at this spot.
      Ghana, West Africa where the water is 80 and the surf is all to yourself!
Paddling out into southern Australia Isolation, some breaks in this area along the Great Ocean Road don't even have names.
Outer Islands Hawaii
Northern California cold snap. As Dave Parmenter put it "there's still enough buffalo meat left in California for those willing to go out hunting."