The Praise Report--Winter 2010
Those who are led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God. Romans 8:14

Check out our new video shot at an orphanage in Kosovo as we sing with the kids together with the French team.

Cleaner audio version link of the song "Esta cayendo el fuego" (The Fire of God is falling).
As we start a new decade, we take a look back over the years...
Left: Preaching in Norway; Middle: Praying over a youth group in Spain; Right: Holy Ghost ministry time in Sweden.
Ministry in Europe: A Look Back and Reflection on How It Began
We’ve been blessed to minister throughout Europe in many different cities and towns throughout the countries of France, Spain, England, Ireland, Romania, Kosovo, Latvia, Germany, Switzerland, and in the Scandinavian areas of Sweden and Norway.

Our ministry began in Europe however, through one small step of obedience to the Holy Spirit when the Lord had us round up a little bit of money some years back and book some tickets with no agenda or arranged schedule or ministry connections. He led us to Sweden where we just knew a few friends we could stay with. We ended up having a divine appointment in Stockholm that began our ministry there and then over time spread to different parts of Europe.
Left: Altar call in Latvia; Middle: Article in Swedish newspaper that interviewed us in the south of Sweden; Right: Holy Spirit moves in Kosovo.
Since that first time in Sweden we’ve ministered all over Scandinavia in many different churches, outreaches, Bible Schools and home fellowships, in numerous places throughout the countries of both Sweden and Norway including places in Sweden like Tyringe, Helsingborg, Ramlosa, Malmo, Vastervick, Gamleby, Bro, Norrkoping, Stockholm, Nynashamn and Hammarsby.

Then, while on an overnight ferry going from Sweden to minister in Latvia, where we were stuck without a cabin to sleep in, we had a divine appointment with some Norwegians who have since become good friends. Since then we have also ministered in Norway in Oslo, Mysen, Troekstad, Rakkestad, Kvinesdahl, Lista, Farsund, Hammar, Kristiansand and other places there too
Left: Preaching in France; Middle: Worshipping at a youth camp we led in France; Right: Poster from outreach in Sweden.
One step of obedience to the Holy Spirit with others following it have brought forth numerous blessings where we’ve seen many filled, empowered, renewed, saved and delivered by the power of Christ in many diverse places throughout Europe.

Ministering in Latin America and the Americas:
A Brief Reflection of the Beginning

We’ve been blessed to experience the mighty hand of God moving in power for many years as we’ve ministered amongst the Hispanic community in the US, Mexico, Argentina, Spain and even in Hispanic churches in places like Sweden and Arizona and of course all over California

We’ve experienced the Lord working in power in Mexico in places like: Tijuana, La Gloria, Tecate, Rosarito, Ensenada, Maneadero, Mexicali, Camalu, Guerrero Negro, Punta Abreojos, La Bocana, and in the State of Sonora in San Luis Rio Colorado and on all the way down through the State of Southern Baja into La Paz as well as throughout the state of California in the US from San Ysidro to San Francisco and into Arizona.

We’ve done crusades, outreaches, taught at Bible Schools, and mission training centers, orphanages, and multiple churches all over, and have experienced people being saved, healed, filled and delivered. We have also carried on two bilingual radio programs targeting Hispanics in both Mexico and the US for over ten years now.
Left to right: Altar call at evangelistic crusade in Tijuana, Mexico; the Holy Spirit moves in power in Ensenada; worship time with kids during an outreach; the Holy Spirit moves in healing and empowering.
Our ministry amongst Hispanics began with a divine appointment in Mexico some years back when the Lord had us round up a little bit of gas money and spontaneously led us by His Spirit down to Mexico with no agenda or arranged schedule or ministry connections, he just said go, and while there we had a powerful divine appointment (read more) when we happened to stumble upon an obscure church in the middle of nowhere in a canyon near Plan Libertador where our friend John Ruttkay just happened to be preaching at this church for the first time. John recognized this divine appointment and timing as God birthing a ministry for us in Mexico as he prophesied over us that day, and thus began our ministry there which has spread and continued for all these years ever since.

This divine appointment and some other subsequent ministry was published in the book Stories from the Front Lines by Jane Rumph retelling this miraculous work of the Lord. All from a little bit of faith and obedience and being willing to say yes to his call and leading and make a bit of sacrifice. We have also ministered amongst the Hispanic community in Mexico, Spain, Argentina and the US as well as other locales like Puerto Rico, and Peru through the radio and Internet.
Radio and TV Ministry: How It All Started
We’ve been broadcasting on the radio and TV in the U.S. and Mexico for over ten years and seen much fruit with testimonies of healings and salvations.

Our radio ministry began when we had a divine appointment with a woman involved in the recently opened airwaves to Evangelicals in Mexico, who mentioned she was looking for a program on Christian History. I just happened to have a paper with me I had recently written out regarding what kind of radio program I’d like to do if the opportunity should arise sometime, which happened to be on Christian History. It was a divine fit and we’ve been broadcasting ever since.

We’ve been doing regional TV programs as well for almost the same amount of time. A friend who produced videos asked if we’d like to make a video with him and an opportunity subsequently opened to put it on a regional channel. We later scraped together a little bit of money to get a bit of our own equipment and produce both audio and video programs ourselves.
Left to right: Broadcasting live on KPRZ 1210AM, San Diego’s largest Christian radio station. Our program Grace Alone/Solo por Gracia continues to air at midnight Fridays on 1210 AM or you can get our podcasts at iTunes; Filming a new video about a Holy Ghost Surf Story; Being interviewed at the radio station south of the border. Our program continues on 1310 AM now at 9:00pm on Saturday evenings and can be heard in south San Diego as well; Filming a new video up on the Central Coast of California.
We now have a media library, accessible on the Internet with our own audio and video collection that has grown to be around 100 programs at this point that can be used to teach, inform, build up, and strengthen fellow believers around the world completely free of charge, with insight from a Biblical perspective and Spirit-filled point of view that is as good or better than what you’d get from a Bible College or Seminary. In fact, an administrator from USC told us: “ I watched your programs on Christian History and was amazed at the incredible insight and information you were bringing, this needs to be made so much more widely available, how did you make all this?” A brother who does historical work himself commented on one of our Christian History videos that “It is the most historically accurate and insightful account I’ve seen.” We continue to produce programs that can be accessed for free on our website and through our podcast Grace Alone on iTunes.
Above: A small sampling of some of the many videos we’ve made. You can access them for free on our podcast Grace Alone on iTunes or or you can also order the DVD’s from us.
Divine Appointments, Africa, Hawaii, Japan
We’ve been blessed to minister also in Ghana, Africa as well as Hawaii, Arizona, Japan, and Argentina. Many divine appointments surrounded these different adventures in the Lord like when:

We were seeking the Lord about going to Ghana to preach. I (Bryan) was going surfing one day before we had decided about this trip, and was heading into the water when a man on the beach wearing a business suit came running up to me. “Sir” he said “The Holy Spirit told me to come to this beach to speak to someone today and I came here and waited. When I saw you the Lord told me that is the man. Go and speak to him.” We conversed a few moments and then he prophesied: “The Lord says: ‘I am sending you to Africa, I am sending you to Ghana. Go in faith...’ ” Wow what a divine appointment and confirmation that was! We subsequently went and saw many salvations, signs and wonders and miracles. In fact when I began to preach in the Sahel desert of Ghana right before the first meeting there, a small whirlwind came down next to me and the power of God enveloped me. We subsequently saw many incredible miracles and salvations in the Sahel Dessert as we preached there as well as different crusades in the city of Accra.
Left to right: Convention in Jirapa, Ghana, West Africa; Poster from Convention we preached at in Ghana, Africa; Altar Call in Accra with people coming forward to receive Christ.
Another incredible miracle was in Japan when we had run low on money, and some money we were supposed to get before going to Japan never showed up. After I had spoken at a church there in Japan, people from the church came up and spontaneously began sticking money in my pockets. The amount these different people gave added up to the exact amount that we had been expecting to receive before the trip but never got. Hallelujah!

We were blessed to minister in Hawaii where we saw the Spirit of God radically fill many of the people there at Surfing the Nations. One of the student/missionaries said to us: “It is so incredible how you have come here just now and ministered to us and how God has poured out His Spirit like this on us. The timing is amazing! It was just three weeks ago that we began to pray to the Lord to please send your Holy Spirit and fill and equip us for your work.” I (Bryan) also felt blessed to be ministering at many of the places I had gone before to just to surf in the past like The North Shore of Oahu.

You can watch and listen to many more divine appointments on our podcasts, webpage and video sites just go to the Useful Links at the top of this page.
Left to right: Crew from Surfing the Nations in Hawaii we ministered to; Christian Surfers on North Shore of Oahu where we ministered; Parking lot evangelism in Town on Oahu; Holy Spirit moves at Surfing the Nations meeting.
Books we were blessed to get published in with different stories of supernatural occurrences and divine appointments. You can get a copy of these faith inspiring accounts through the following links.

Stories from the Front Lines by Jane Rumph

Signs and Wonders in America Today by Jane Rumph

Divine Intervention: True Stories of Heaven Invading Earth Edited by Julia C. Loren.
More Ministry In Other Places
We’ve also been blessed to minister in different Bible schools, youth camps, retreats, mission training centers, churches, crusades, outreaches, college groups and universities, and have seen the mighty power of God change, heal, fill, empower and transform many lives along the way.

We want to encourage you that your giving becomes part of something miraculous. God is constantly taking the little and multiplying it exponentially into miraculous things as we step out and follow Him, seeing the impossible made possible through His hand of blessing on what we are doing. The Scripture says: “Let him who boasts boast in what the Lord has done.” (1 Cor. 1:31) This we say with confidence: “Everything has come from the graceful hand of the Lord.” Join with us in the adventure of seeing God’s miraculous hand extended and multiplied by sowing into this ministry with your prayers and financial support.
Left to Right:Graduation for Life Bible School where we taught at; Ministering at a Foursquare Youth Camp in the mountains; The Holy Spirit fills some young boys we prayed over; Pic with friends from USC ministry.
Clockwise: Sharing the Gospel during a divine appointment on the surf in Southern France; Taking a look at a Scottish Castle; Visiting one of the war-affected areas in Kosovo; The Wittenberg Door where the course of Western History began a radical reformation that affected the whole of the continent; Walking through the fog in Transylvania, Romania; Preaching in Sweden; Site-seeing amongst Roman ruins in Romania; Historical artifacts tying back to the days of the Vikings in Ireland.
Harald Bredesen says...
(Founding Board Member: Christian Broadcasting Network, Teen Challenge and our own Grace World Mission)

“Of all the ministries I’ve worked with, there is none that I have the greatest confidence in the purity of the motivation and the fact that it was the Holy Spirit who gave birth to it than Grace World Mission, led by its founders, Bryan and Mercedes Marleaux. I’ve got to be very frank with you friends. I see so many ministries in which the people of God are investing so heavily and yet so little of it is getting to the firing line and so much of it used to line pockets. But I praise God for a ministry I can truly believe in. I’ve seen the sacrifice; I’ve seen the zeal; I’ve seen the Spirit-ledness…and I am so happy to be a part of it—I hope you will be and will support it with God’s money. I’m sure He’ll bless you for it.”
May God's richest blessings be upon your life!
Bryan, Mercedes, and Patrick Marleaux
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