Ministry in Europe:
Ten trips and over twenty countries

This was one of our most extensive European mission trips yet. We ministered in seven different countries including France, Kosovo, Romania, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, and Ireland. As well as passing through 17 different countries and driving over 4000 long miles into Southeastern Europe by car, we then traveled another 4000 miles by train into the most Northwestern parts of Europe to minister in Scandinavia. We experienced many powerful moves of the Holy Spirit, miracles, salvations, and divine appointments, as well as going through triumphs and trials, all while being sustained by the mighty hand of God every step of the way. Read more...

Map of Europe

Mission Trip to Ghana, West Africa

Ministering in Ghana was definitely an adventure. We preached at the Assemblies of God Christmas Convention in the unreached Upper West Region and did three crusades in the capital city of Accra. Over 80 people made decisions for Christ while we ministered and there were even more healings, miracles and signs and wonders. Read more...

Altar call in Accra, Ghana

Ministry with Surfing the Nations in Hawaii

Over the past few years our friend and renowned missionary Mel Tari, author of Like a Mighty Wind (a book about the Indonesian revival), had been encouraging us to connect and minister with Tom Bauer and his ministry Surfing the Nations over in Hawaii. With the seed planted in our heart and a connection made with Tom via telephone, we began to pray and wait on the Lord’s timing regarding this. Read more...

Surfing the Nations