Grace World Mission
Ministry Update

Winter 2007

Left: Ministering at a meeting of radio producers where the Holy Spirit fell unexpectedly in power when we played some music and did the closing prayer, which led to a powerful ministry time

Right: Receiving an award for 10 years of faithful ministry on the radio.

The Lord has been blessing us with lots of different ministry. This newsletter is a recap of some of the highlights of different ministry we’ve done over the last summer and fall.

We’ve been seeing the Lord move very powerfully in lots of different settings. We recently just preached at a Korean youth group where some of the kids rededicated themselves to Christ and were filled with the Spirit.

We also had God move powerfully at a spontaneous Christmas party that turned into more of a radical Holy Ghost prayer time with the Spirit of God filling and empowering all who just happened to show up at the last minute at this unplanned little event.

We also shared and spoke and had some divine appointments at a radio broadcasters meeting that led us to praying for a few that were powerfully ministered to.

Here are some highlights from the last few months:
We did a Summer Camp with the Foursquare youth, as well as preaching at several crusades, outreaches, and retreats, in addition to ministering in many different churches and our regular ministry trips to Mexico, and our weekly radio and TV programs.

Through it all, God has continually been faithful to move by His Holy Spirit: filling, healing, empowering, and saving people with Kingdom power.
Summer Camp
Clockwise from top left: Poster from the camp; Group picture at the youth camp (we’re on the right in 1st row; praying for a young brother in the Lord who was touched radically by the power of God; the youth getting into the worship; Bryan preaching as Mercedes interprets.
After a busy season doing numerous ministry trips to Mexico, as well as preaching in various places in California, we ended this last Summer with a big blessing, preaching at the Youth Camp for the Hispanic Southwest District of the Foursquare Church.

Over 30 churches and approximately 400 youth, ranging in ages between 12-29, took part in this life-changing event.

We had a very powerful time ministering as the main speakers at every meeting during the camp. It was an awesome time up in Big Bear, California, where the retreat was held in the refreshing climate of the mountains.
With all the people who were coming from as far as Las Vegas, San Bernardino County, San Fernando Valley, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orange Counties, as well as other places, it was definitely an eventful and very blessed time.

We had plenty to keep us busy at every session, preaching and then praying for lots of people, which would go on for hours every time. This continued in meeting after meeting and on one particular day of the camp we had three different meetings in one day, but the Holy Spirit gave us strength beyond our expectations to fulfill His purposes there, and it was a great joy to see so many lives impacted by God's presence and grace.
The grace and glory of God was evident and moved awesomely with great power at every meeting and continued to be poured out in more intensity as the camp progressed, and so many of those who came were gloriously filled with the Holy Spirit, reignited in their faith, empowered to serve the Lord, and healed and set free to follow Jesus without reservation.

There were also a lot of people there who rededicated themselves to the Lord as well as some who received Christ too. We also witnessed a number of deliverances from afflicting spirits and healing too. It was a very, very awesome and powerful time in the Lord.

In fact, many of the leaders publicly shared how this was the best camp they had ever had, and we have continued to receive many testimonies of lives changed, people healed and delivered, as well as souls saved. We fully rejoice and praise God!

One of the pastors, Raul Medina said after one meeting: “I’ve been in many meetings where the Holy Spirit has moved in power but this is the most powerfully I’ve ever experienced the move of the Spirit of God.”

Another pastor, Guillermo Furlong, originally from Argentina, who has spent much time in the Argentine revival said, “I felt something very unique in these meetings that I haven’t experienced in a very long time which is the powerful manner and way in which the Holy Spirit was moving at the beginning of the Argentine revival.”

It was truly a blessed time in awesome interaction with Christ, up on the mountain, where we were able to experience His glorious grace and power. We know many lives will never be the same because of the way the Lord moved so mightily.
Ministry Among Koreans
LEFT: Bryan, Mercedes and Patrick leading some songs at the kids' service in Tijuana.
MIDDLE: Bryan prays over a young Korean named Christie as she prays over an elderly Hispanic woman.
RIGHT: With the Korean youth group who came down to Mexico for the weekend to join in ministering.
We took a group of Korean youth to Mexico with us near the end of summer and also did a weekend retreat in Los Angeles with another Korean youth group in the fall.

We had a blessed time at the retreat, with our friends the Jourden’s who organized it, as we shared on being filled with and being used by the Holy Spirit. God brought forth a breakthrough as we witnessed the Spirit filling and empowering those youth as we prayed over them. The last meeting especially was met with a move of God as many youth remained and prayed and received long after the end of the service (not the norm for them at all) while being filled and empowered as tears streamed down many of their faces. It was a joyous breakthrough after we had spent time praying, preaching, and teaching on the need for the Spirit’s power in the previous meetings. We also got to go to the beach one day and helped a few brave souls learn to surf.

We also did a three-day trip to Mexico taking a Korean youth group with us from San Diego where we ministered in different areas and churches each day. God brought people to salvation, and poured out His healing and Holy Spirit.

On this three-day trip the Korean youth group pastor explained that they weren’t looking for the typical trip of handing out food or doing construction like many do on a Mexico visit. Rather they wanted to experience what the Holy Spirit was doing in the culture and amongst the local people and come alongside us and pray for and minister to those living there, and witness Christ’s power move and deeply touch people's lives.

It was exciting as many of the Korean teenagers got touched by the Spirit themselves and then ministered and gave away to others what they themselves had received as they prayed for many of the local people in the meetings, releasing the blessing from on high.

A good number of people were ministered to, as well as others who received the Lord as we preached at a small church in Otay Mesa when we arrived on Friday night, then also at a special children’s service on Saturday in another part of town where around 100 kids attended the meeting, and then when we stayed down ourselves longer to preach twice on Sunday at a good-size church in Tijuana.

We were quite exhausted after it all due to the busy schedule and sleeping in Rosarito at Cindy Reid's house, a fellow missionary and good friend who graciously opened up her home to us, even though her place is made to house maybe four people at most but where we were able to pack in almost twenty! As in most situations like that, sleep is more of a hope than a reality. We may have got three hours of sleep but that is still a pretty generous estimate with tripping over people in the night on the way to the bathroom, car alarms going off, “busy” neighbors making noise and doing who knows what all night across the street, but God gave us strength and energy for all the ministry that weekend and it was a great blessing.
Mexico and Other Ministry
God has also continued to move powerfully in Mexico and other places as we’ve been ministering in churches, outreaches, crusades, and other settings over the months.

One of the more interesting places is a church in Tijuana that uses an empty night club for its Sunday morning service. We had around twenty people come to Christ as we ministered in this large and growing church with its décor of lounge tables and stains from spilled drinks on the floor. God moved powerfully and displayed, as His Word shows, that He is not limited by location or decorations.

At another meeting, which was another celebration for radio programmers in Tijuana, besides the one we just did, we were asked to perform a song and say a few words and do the closing prayer. But like many times when we’ve ministered in settings like this, when the Holy Spirit gets involved it turns into something much more. The Spirit of God began to fall in power during all this and the time turned into ministering the filling, empowering, and encouraging work of the Holy Spirit over those who were there.

Some fell over from just a seeming closing prayer and other people began to cry profusely under the healing power of the Holy Spirit's touch as the Lord lifted heavy loads off and healed emotionally and physically many who were there. God touched many who had been struggling with discouragement in their ministry endeavors with His uplifting power. All this from a song and a prayer which turned into much more and went on much longer than anticipated. It turned into a glorious time when we invited the Holy Spirit into the middle of the few things we were doing. Hallelujah!

We also had a very powerful time while ministering in Orange County, California, at a youth rally/outreach as the Spirit of God filled with power those who came, releasing His grace, love, and healing touch. That same power moved also in Ontario when we ministered there and Jesus’ healing touch blessed and filled the people, as well as retrieving a few lost sheep at both places.
Videos and Podcasts

Standing in front of Radio Enciso in Mexico where we have been broadcasting 10 years now.

We can be heard on KEC1310 AM at 10:00 pm Saturdays and KPRZ 1210 AM at Midnight on Fridays.

We’re making lots of new audio and video teaching programs. We just completed “The birth of Protestant Missions.” It illuminates Tertullian’s words : “The blood of the Martyrs is the seed of the Church.” What a price was paid by those who took the Gospel out after the Reformation, when many were slaughtered even by those who called themselves Christians! But the Spirit did break through.

We have other new videos in production on the Holy Spirit’s work in Christian History, filmed in Europe on location.

Check out some of our surf-related, and sports related videos and hear about Bryan’s surf career crashing into the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and then being called to the ministry, along with some of our “Holy Ghost Surf Stories” from around the globe with radical divine appointments, so wild they will truly blow your mind.

You can watch and listen for free on on your computer or iPod at our podcast “Grace Alone.” Go to iTunes or our podcast page. You can also catch us on our radio and TV programs or order a DVD from us. Just go to our radio and TV page for info.

We want to tell you how much we appreciate your prayers and support. Let us remember Jesus’ words at this time of the year for He said, “It is more blessed to give than receive.” You can help us in reaching out with the Gospel, the most powerful life-changing force in the world, with your financial contribution and prayers.
May God bless you richly this Christmas season,

Bryan, Mercedes and Patrick Marleaux