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Ministry Update
June 2008
Go into all the World and preach the Good News – Mark 16:15
We are making the sacrifice to go forth again on a mission trip into Europe this Summer, to preach the Good News in a place that over the course of the last generation has slid into being the world’s least evangelized continent. With only 3% of the population of Europe now considered Bible-believing Christians the command of Christ to take forth the Gospel is more pressing there than ever.

On this particular trip we will be incorporating important follow through on ministry from our last trip there. Our last trip had us in Tours, France leading a youth camp where we taught, trained, and prayed over the young people who attended. We then went out on the streets right in Tours, France, witnessing and sharing the Gospel. Amazing results followed, especially for a difficult place like France, where people were saved, healed, and set free to the Glory of God.

Together with a group of young people from the same Youth Camp that we did on our last trip in Tours, France, we will now lead a mission trip into the Balkans in Eastern Europe. This will be a great follow through to put into action and model much of what we taught. It is exciting to see some young lives from a place like France being dedicated to serving Jesus Christ rather than chasing after the world. This is one of the key things that must happen: people raised up from the very land of Europe, being trained and taught and going out with the Good News.

With Christ's Good News and power we will go into an area that itself is in desperate need both spiritually and physically. The Balkans region has seen more than its share of war, desperation, and strife.

We earnestly ask you to pray and seek the Lord about giving financially towards this trip. As we all know fuel is at an all time high driving the cost of travel, transportation, and everything else extremely high, especially in Europe where the dollar is at an all time low against the euro.

We are working with the Church over there as they secure a vehicle for the long drive from France into the Balkans. After we first minister in France, we will travel by car to the Balkans, visiting various churches, outreaches, orphanages, etc. in various areas and countries.

Please consider being both a prayer and financial partner in this and other Gospel enterprises we are continually carrying out. Your prayers and financial support are greatly needed and appreciated.

Countless lives have benefited immeasurably from those who brought forth the Gospel over the course of history, as multitudes have received eternal salvation because of that great cloud of witnesses who were willing to sacrifice finances, comforts, and familiar surroundings to follow that heavenly call to take forth the Good News into all creation.

Please join with us with your prayers and financial support in this important Gospel endeavor as we carry Christ’s message into the far reaches of the world’s least evangelized continent. To donate towards this trip, please click here. Thank you so much!
The Lord has been moving in awesome ways this year as we’ve been blessed to minister in many unique situations. From ministering with the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship, as well as working with Surfing the Nations in Hawaii and preaching in Mexico and Set Free, to as of late: ministering on remembering the “Jesus People Revival” in venues like USC and UCSD, we’ve experienced God’s incredible power in each situation with people saved, filled, healed, and delivered.

At a recent remembering the “Jesus People Revival” event with a group from UC San Diego God’s power was poured out in a radical way where hearts were definitely revived and the Lord’s power was manifest in a dramatic fashion. In fact, one person who was there back on the famed Mother’s Day outpouring which would later become known as the birth of the Vineyard Movement, commented that this was the best Mother’s Day since that pivotal day almost 30 years ago!
Bryan praying as the Holy Spirit fills some people.
Left: Praying for the kids in Mexico who God touched and filled with His presence. Middle: Out in the Colonias sharing and praying with the locals Right: Leading a worship time with the youth teams from LA.

We went down recently to Mexico and took two teams, one from Lighthouse church in LA and one from The Way in San Diego. We went into some of the poorer areas in the colonias on the way to Tecate, where we broke up into groups and walked along the rutted dirt roads from shanty house to shanty house, sharing the Gospel, praying for needs that the locals shared with us, and providing supplies for the people, as well as inviting them to a special service we were having later that day.

We had an awesome service with people from the teams sharing testimonies and all joining in to pray for those, both children and adults, who received the Lord and came forward for prayer.

A number of people reported receiving healings and most everybody, both Americans and Mexicans at the meeting, received a powerful touch from God. Many were powerfully ministered to, including some pastors involved in difficult work there in Mexico, as well as little children being touched by God. Praise the Lord!

Your prayers and financial support help keep us doing God’s Kingdom work, or as John Wimber used to say back in the day, out there “doin’ the stuff.” Stuff like bringing people into the Kingdom, healing and delivering, and getting people filled, renewed, and transformed. Stuff we are training others to do and Stuff that must be done before Christ returns.

The Scriptures exhort us to "testify of the wonders He has done" which is exactly what our Holy Ghost Surf Stories series are all about.

One of our Holy Ghost Surf Stories was recently published in a new book called Divine Intervention, which tells about a wild Divine Appointment where God miraculously supplied waves, a board, and an opportunity to share the good news in one of the most unexpected places, Israel. (To buy go to:

We've also recently completed a new video of an incredible Holy Ghost Surf Story in Portugal which had us not only on the giving end of sharing the Good News, but also on the receiving end of divine provision in a time of need. Check out how God supplied a first-class cabin on a fully booked train on our newest video "Miracle in Portugal." You can watch it on our new MySpace page, which has some of our newest videos plus a number of our other videos: or go to

We also have a short surf-focused video with some of Bryan’s own music playing in the background from Spain's most notorious left known as Mundaka. (Go to ).

Don't forget about our podcasts where you can listen anytime, anywhere and hear more amazing stories of God's miracles as well as hearing series like a complete "Overview of The Reformation" in both audio and video or our "Overview of the Book of Galatians." (

God bless and
thanks for your support!

Bryan, Mercedes,
and Patrick Marleaux


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