The Holy Spirit moves over some youth as we pray for them

These events were in Sweden, of all places, the land of niceness and neutrality. Swedish people we talked to never experienced these things before. Road rage doesn’t exist and psycho types aren’t common. But, “we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but principalities and powers” and “the whole world is under the control of the evil one.” When the anointing of God touches people’s lives it stirs the ire of Satan and his demons and the demonized come out of the woodwork to harass those serving Christ.

Divine Disconnection
We were on our way to Spain passing through Paris when we missed our connecting train. Being stuck, we felt led to call some missionary friends of ours south of Paris. Our missed train turned into some extra ministry at their cell groups that week and then at 10:30pm on Saturday night we came in contact with a pastor we knew. Even though he had other plans for the Sunday meeting, he realized God had a reason and purpose in us being there and so asked us to minister the next morning at his church.

His flexibility to the Holy Spirit led to a great outpouring where the whole church was touched by God’s Spirit in a very dramatic way. We all rejoiced at God’s wonderful surprise and realized even more the truth of Rm. 8:14 “Those who are led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God.” We must follow the Spirit’s leading to have life in our lives, churches, etc.We ministered and did some evangelistic outreach in Allicante, Spain next.

One brother put out some posters for the meetings, which led to persecution from some Catholic people who defaced them and yelled into the meetings derogatory slanders and kept trying to interrupt until we prayed and bound that demonic spirit. Their response to the Gospel shows the deadness of religiosity without the reality of Christ.

In spite of the enemies attacks 4 people made decisions for Christ throughout the time we were there in Spain in the different meetings we did and many others were very powerfully renewed in the Spirit as well.
Holy Ghost Surf Story

We took a break on the coast in France, which led to a divine appointment there.

We were at the beach one day when the waves came up and I spent a long time surfing.

We were walking around the city of Biarritz later when exhaustion and hunger began to set in.

Just as I began to feel I couldn’t take another step and would pass out from fatigue and hunger I started to mutter a prayer. I’d barely said a word when a car full of Italian surfers we’d briefly met the other day saw us, yelled out the window to us and pulled over.

We went over to talk to them and though they had 4 people, plenty of surfboards and a full car they said, “Hey, why you don’t ride with us?” in their Italian accents. They sat on each other’s laps just to fit us all in, plus my board! We were relieved because we had a long walk ahead and we were at the end of our strength. Just when I was thinking how hungry I was they said, “Hey, why you don’t eat dinner with us?” They even had their own pasta they had brought from Italy, so how could we refuse. We had a great meal and as we talked with them they asked, “Hey, why you don’t go surfing with us tomorrow?” “What, and pass a chance to walk and ride the bus again?” I said, “Lets go!” The waves really came up the next day, 12 to 15 foot, and the Italians were nervous about going out in that size surf. But I talked them into it knowing it would put the fear of God into them.

We all survived and then the stage was set to share some Holy Ghost stories and witness to them about Christ ænow that they had the fear of God instilled in them.

Taking a stroll in Biarritz, France

The Lord had set it up to have them pick us up at our point of need, feed us, drive us around, then He gave us some big waves to shake them up a bit and then I got to plant the seeds of the Gospel into their lives. Serving Jesus can definitely be an adventure
French Crusade
We headed back to Tours, France to do an evangelistic crusade later. We did this outreach in a tough part of town with some entertainment to draw people there, including me break-dancing. Three people came forward to receive Christ at the crusade and we prayed with two others to receive Christ at the church services as well. This was definitely a significant response for spiritually dry France! It was an exciting and uplifting weekend with some powerful moves of the Spirit.

Bryan devours a plateful of moose in Norway
We were heading to England next to preach in Southport, out by Liverpool, but had no place to stay as we came through London, Europe’s most expensive city. In France a friend mentioned she knew a pastor in London we might be able to stay with. We called and called but could never get through. She finally had to go and handed the number over to me to call on my own. Here I was trying to call someone I didn’t even know to ask to stay at his place, what fun! She said to try at 10:00pm Sunday night. I tried to call then and still no response. Then I remembered at 11:00pm the one-hour time difference between England and the rest of Europe. I made one last call and the pastor finally answered the phone. He readily agreed to put us up while in London. It was a last minute miracle and blessing, since London is so huge and expensive.

From London we headed out to Southport to minister at the Vineyard church there. God met us in renewing power and touched the hearts of some there quite powerfully with some powerful manifestations especially in the home group we spoke at. After a glance at a few of the historic sites of the Liverpool Lads we started on the trip back home.

We encountered one thing after another on the way back. First, we had a miserable 7-hour bus ride back to London with England’s most cheery bus driver. Then a cancelled flight stranded us at the airport for 7 hours. The airline just left us hanging there. When we talked to the representative she threw a fit and marched off saying they didn’t have to do a thing for us. We decided we better start praying hard and fast and then miraculously she came back all nice saying they’d get us on the next flight and put us up at a hotel and feed us for the layover. This proved to be another miracle by the grace of God, since the lady had marched off all bent out of shape and had come back giving us the farm. Hallelujah!

We greatly appreciate those of you who have prayed and helped support our mission endeavors and we truly are thankful for your ongoing prayer and support.Merry Christmas and blessings for the New Year!
Bryan, Mercedes and Patrick Marleaux 

Speaking at a church in Kristiansand, Norway

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