Mercedes and Patrick with Israeli surfers who gave us a ride to France, displaying some of what was cramped into their little car as well as the evidence of the power of Spain's waves.


we did and we were excited to see the land of the Vikings being impacted by the conquering Christ and his powerful Spirit.

Another Israeli Holy Ghost Surfing
Divine Appointment-A Sequel

We had another divine appointment later with an Israeli during a short surfing break in Spain, a sequel to the one a few years back in Israel (you can hear that Israel story on our "Holy Ghost Surf &Ski Stories" tape.)

While surfing a world class spot called Mundaka on one of its best days in many years, a guy gave me a wave in the crowded conditions, which was very unusual. We ended up talking to him on land and found out he was the only professional surfer from the nation of Israel.

We shared the story of our divine appointment in Israel a few years back, and to our surprise he knew the guy we had met and surfed with and witnessed to there. We instantly connected and hung out for a bit. We let him know however, that we needed to begin making our way on the hard journey back to France-without a car it takes 2 buses, a subway, 2 trains and 7 to 8 hours vs. 2 hours in a car because of the bad transportation situation in that area.

He said that he and his friends were going back to France too and we could ride with them if we wanted. I thanked him but let him know that we had: ourselves, luggage, a child, backpacks, and a stroller plus the board. They had a little bitty car smaller than a Geo Metro and three people and six surfboards plus all their stuff in there already. Yet they insisted they wanted to try and fit us in somehow. We spent over an hour arranging and rearranging the car, a couple times I said "it's OK we can take the bus," but they insisted on getting us in. Somehow, we got all our gear and ourselves in: six people, suitcases, backpacks, stroller, boards, etc. etc. etc.-squeezed into that little bitty car-we
must have looked like we were trying to win a world record or something for the most


people and junk squeezed into the smallest car possible, but we somehow did it .Even though our legs were squeezed up to our chest, we were very thankful for the ride which saved us over $60 in bus and train fees and lots of time and weariness.

Little did they know we had them captive now to share the Gospel with them. Like typical Israelis, they were a bit hard and tough-the pro surfer had been heavily into new age-but we were still able to effectively plant the seeds of the good news with them. The Lord showed us afterward that there are very few people in the world that these modernized, agnostic, young people from a troubled land with constant religious strife will even listen to.

God showed us that by being someone they could relate too, a fellow traveler and surfer, we were given great favor with them as well as open doors to plant the good news which may never otherwise be presented to them in a way they could at least listen to or relate to. Paul said "I became all things to all men so that by all possible means I might save some"(1Cor.9:22 ) We as Christians need to keep that attitude and seek to make bridges to reach the lost too.


We have some new tape series available: Light of Christ in the Dark Ages, which covers those who ministered in the Medeval Period, and Radical Conversions, which covers powerful conversion accounts of people like Wesley, Augustine and others. New Videos are also available call, write or e-mail to inquire.


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