Bryan and Patrick hiking through the snow in Norway. What a blast!

testified of being healed of a severe back condition as she bent over to pick up Patrick after we prayed for her, she excitedly realized she had no more pain.

At a weekend retreat we spoke at, a young girl who had recently been in a severe accident was deeply ministered to for over an hour as the Holy Spirit filled her with His grace and brought deep inner healing from the trauma of the accident. Her mother and her friend (the pastor's daughter) were dramatically filled with the Spirit too, at the same time, as they saw her being so blessed.

Even though France is in dire spiritual condition with only 0.6% evangelical Christians, it was encouraging to experience the Spirit move so powerfully as we ministered. God is not limited by circumstances of this fallen world. We experienced divine appointments there also.

Divine Appointment Track

One occurred as the result of a seeming mistake taking the wrong train towards the coast for a little break.

We noticed the train we were on was going awfully slow and wondered how we would ever make our connection, that was until we learned we were on the wrong train. It looked like we were going to be stranded in an industrial town that had just had a large explosion and was in bad shape. The conductor had told us we'd be stuck there as their were no more trains that day. We could only pray... when we arrived in the town another train had been delayed by a sudden unexpected storm with just enough time for us to jump on.

We didn't know where we were going but finally ended up in a beautiful little mountain town in the Pyrenees. The only little motel there just had a cancellation moments before we arrived giving us the only room left. God provided us a refreshing surprise in the mountains for a day. We headed next straight into a divine appointment with a young couple from New Zealand.

Our train excursion caused us to meet them when we arrived in the town of Hossegor.


We constantly ran into them while we were there. Everywhere we went whether it was; the store, the beach, walking down the street, etc. we'd run into them, and we finally realized God was wanting us to witness to them which we ended up having many opportunities to do.

As I shared Christ with the young man he responded about how his mother was a great Christian and went to church all the time and his mother this and his mother that. I finally asked what about you? "Well I'm kind of a part time Christian...," He said.

I told him that God doesn't have any grandchildren but only children, and you can't rely on what your mother has done but on what Christ has done for you. He responded positively as I shared with him his need to walk full-time with God. We continued running into them the next few days and had opportunity to influence them for Christ.

One way to reach people in the world is to be around them like Jesus was who ate with tax collectors and sinners


While we heard news of anthrax letters infecting people in the U.S. with sickness and fear, we ministered extensively in Sweden, in the cities of Gamleby, Norkoping, Tyringe, Bro, and Helsingborg. We preached in churches, taught in a Bible School, spoke at a school, did a weekend crusade, were interviewed by a newspaper and did many other types of meetings. Again and again God poured out his Spirit in power with mighty manifestations and demonstrations of His grace and glory.

We received many powerful testimonies from people who were ministered to in the meetings we did. A young woman who was dramatically touched in Gamleby called to tell us that the Holy Spirit deeply ministered to her and continued to for hours afterwards transforming her life and giving her a new direction. Some young friends also testified that they had never been so powerfully ministered to before also.

At a Bible School we had a renewing ministry time after teaching for 3 hours one day from which I was quite exhausted, but the Holy Spirit wasn't, and descended with waves of refreshing and holy laughter washed through the room reviving those preparing for ministry there.

The Spirit of God moved in power too in a meeting full of young people at a crusade in the south of Sweden where it was great to see the powerful impact made on their young lives. There were also those who

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